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by - November 24, 2014

 Ever since I gave birth to Asher, I have been a constant coffee drinker. Maybe due to all the late night cradling and nonstop crying of a newborn. I can't imagine how I would function without a cup or two in a day. Especially at night! I have classes until 9PM and I often go to our Nescafe vending machine just to get a 3-in-1 to perk me up. :) So, when I got invited to attend the Coffeemate event at CO/OP last Thursday, it was such a pleasure! How can a coffee fan like me decline?:)

It was my first time to visit CO/OP and I can't believe it took me this long! This place is the cutest! It's filled with so many quirky stuff and if I had a house of my own already, I wouldn't mind splurging on their adorable and unique displays. :)

This place was perfect for the Coffeemate event! So what did we do exactly?
We spent the whole morning at the Coffeemate Barista University! Where we learned how to be our very own Barista and make neat artsy coffees with the use of Nescafe and Coffeemate!:)

How can your day not start right with this, right? :) Love the new Coffeemate! Indeed, it is creamier!

Our very own personalized apron and ID!:)

My classmates and groupmates!:)

We were each placed at our respective tables and like any other school, we had our own groupmates!:) But since we had challenges to do along the way, I consider them as my "thesis-mates" hehehe!:)

To begin our first day at Barista class, we were taught by the professionals themselves on how to do different kinds of coffee! There were a few ones that seemed easy to do, but there were also challenging, yet fun ones. :)

Our assigned professors for the group was Stephanie. :) She was really nice to us and helped us every step of the way.

Before the group work, we also had an individual task and that was to make our very own Creamy Caramel Macchiato with latte art!:) I was really excited for this, because I've always been fascinated about latte art. They're so adorable! 

my groupmate Jamon's stencil :)
The first thing to do was create our foam for the coffee and we added 3 tsp of Coffeemate for that. :) Then, we mixed it up and added it to our Nescafe. :)

Unfortunately, mine didn't come out the way I wanted hahaha! It's suppose to be a letter A with a bow at the bottom. Huhuhu! -_- I guess I didn't do well in the foam department. I need to study harder!>_< Being a barista isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Whew!

And finally for our group thesis challenge, we had to come up with our very own concoction! Who ever had the best taste would win. :)

Everyone got so competitive with this and truly, each table brought out their A game! We sticked with a very minimalist style with ours, because we wanted the Coffeemate to standout on its own, because it's already perfect!

The winners?? The underdogs!!

So over the moon that we won this challenge!:) I gotta thank our awesome teacher Stephanie and my equally awesome groupmates, Vern, Alyssa and Jamon!^_^ Congratulations to us and thank you, Coffeemate!!

After our victory pictorial... pictorial talaga? haha! We had a scrumptious lunch care of CO/OP!

The food is good! I can't wait to go back here again, but next time with my best friends and Hubby!^_^

Class picture!!!

Thank you so much, Coffeemate and Nuffnang Philippines for the awesome day! Coffeemate definitely made my morning brighter and tastier! Also, I never knew that being a barista could be that challenging! But I had loads of fun!:) Can't wait to start experimenting on different coffee styles with my mini barista kit + Coffeemate!^_^ 


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  1. I can not, for the life of me, live without coffee. It's like the gas in my system - can't function without it. Haha!

  2. Wow! Awesome event! I never knew that Nuffang had this event because I am a member too!

  3. Underdogs talga? hahaha congrats! Fun event indeed! Most Fav ko na sya for the month of November. hehehe


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