Happiness in a jar!

by - November 11, 2014

Growing up, I was never a dessert girl nor did I have a sweet tooth. I would easily shun away ice cream, cake or anything that will make me cringe from too much sweetness. However, I did have a favourite! And whenever we would eat at buffets, Leche Flan would always and forever be a must-eat dessert for me. I just love it too much! After having kids though, I started liking desserts. Maybe cos I need more energy and sugar, so bring it on!! ^_^

Speaking of Leche Flan, the Hubby brought this home last night and it's from Andi's Kitchen. It's an online shop and for something online, I'm loving their packaging and this is actually my first time to eat Leche Flan in a jar!:) I now call it my happiness in a jar. I love how it's not overboard sweet, it's creamy and that it has a nice texture to it.

This is a nice pasalubong or gift to your loved ones. It's small, but enough to satisfy your cravings. :)

Incase you wanna try this out, you may inquire or follow them at:



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  1. Cool I like the packaging! This is a very nice concept! I haven't try leche flan in a jar. :)

  2. Hello. :)) I really like your writing style, and of course your ootd.

  3. OMG! Leche flan! The packaging looks very elegant - a far cry from the usual lanyera. ;)

  4. Maganda siyang pang-gift this Christmas! Thanks for sharing your happiness in a jar moment, Ava! :D



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