The Mind Museum Field trip!

by - November 08, 2014

This year has been nothing but museum trips for the family and I and I'm beyond happy about it! Believe it or not, I'd rather go to bookstores or museums than shop for clothes. I feel a different kind of happiness when I'm in places that give me a learning experience. :)

Anyhoo, this is actually an overdue post. We went to the Mind Museum last October 4, but I was swamped with backlogs that I wasn't able to squeeze this personal post in. But now I have more time! Yey!:) I want to thank Beb Ana for giving us passes to the museum. It was her gift to us as a family and I really appreciate it cos we've been wanting to go for so long!:) 

When we got in, this immediately caught my attention. Fashion enthusiast talaga eh noh? =P How can I resist eco-friendly accessories??

But truly, our first stop was….

Outer space!:) They call this the Universe Gallery if I'm not mistaken. :) What a cool astronaut! The boys and I really enjoyed this gallery. If you don't believe me, just check out the super avail na avail picture spot! haha!:))

The mag-Lola watching NatGeo stuff!

Went inside this twirling thing called the Tunnelcraft and at first you'll feel dizzy, but I kept going in cos cool siya! When we took these photos, the Hubby said, "Lakas maka 70s!" Well, totoo naman! The outcome of the photo looks like we're in the 70s! Time machine pala toh noh?! haha!

This is my favourite spot in the gallery, because it makes you feel like you're under the stars or your star gazing!:) You can also sit on these cool chairs and hear sounds from space!

They call this the Earth Gallery where you learn the forces at work in shaping the earth. It has a lot of prehistoric stuff!

The boys super enjoyed being Archaeologists for a day!:) Look at them digging away and trying to find fossils! I kinda wanted to jump and join in the fun! haha! 

Of course, how can you not take an obligatory family photo in front of this majestic creature?? T-rex, T-rex, T-rex! Chant with me!

More cool things we saw at the first floor of the mind museum… The huge chocolate from the Atom Gallery!

Daddy going up the steps to Lightbridge! It's like a piano keyboard and every time you take a step, it plays a tune!:)

After much exploration on the first level, we went up to the second floor where they have the Technology Gallery. This gallery has four themes: How We Live, Who Who Are, How We Know, How Things Work, and Here To There.

Fancy Asher as a Pharaoh or Congressman? Whatcha think? Hmmm.. :)

And naturally, the part of the gallery that the Generation Z enjoys the most… GAMES!

The arcade games actually work and you don't have to enter tokens. :) It was fun watching the kids play and even my Lola! haha!:) Cute lang!

Well, that concludes my photo diary of our Mind Museum trip!:) It's just a glimpse, so please don't feel like it's all you'll see. I didn't want to bombard you with photos cos it wouldn't be as fun! You have to see it for yourself. :) But for me, it's definitely a place to go with your family. I'm sure you guys would have a nice time.

To know more about the Mind Museum and ticket prices, you can go to :)

For the record, like all of my Museum posts, this is not sponsored. It's a personal post. :) You can read my other posts below:


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  1. I have yet to visit The Mind Museum with my son. I'm sure this will be a fun learning experience for him. :)

  2. I haven't been to Mind Museum, and I think I should go soon with my siblings! :)

  3. We LOVE the Mind Museum! The kids especially like the Tunnelcraft kahit nahihilo nako! hahaha... glad you were able to bring your family there. We were lucky to be able to go there during it's pre-launch and launch coz we are "donors" in the Universe section - I bought stars from their virtual solar system, named after my kids. :)


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