How to Raise Happy & Healthy kids: Tip #2!

by - December 02, 2014

Hi fellow mommies!:) Since it's a new month, I'm back again for another tip in How to Raise Happy & Healthy Kids!:) For December, my tip # 2 is...

Set playdates with them no matter how busy your schedule may be


In this day and age where almost every parent is a multi-hyphenate- meaning we're not only mom or dad at home, but they're also a boss at work or juggling another thing or two, it's safe to say that we can get so bottled up with being busy that we tend to forget that playtime is something very important to our children and their growth. 

Being a mother, wife, student, blogger and freelance worker, I myself can get busy at times. But even so, I always make sure that my kids each get quality time from me and get the playtime they need. :) 

Every weekend is understood to be family day for us, but during weekdays, I also try to inject a little playtime by doing the following...

1.) Allowing my kids to play with our neighbors outside
2.) We also let them play at mall playgrounds such as Active Fun or Kids Universe after school
3.) Join them in their school field trips and have fun with them as well
4.) Do arts and crafts with them at home - You can try Explore Sandbox wherein each box already contains 4-5 activities you and your child can do. :)
5.) Take them to the park to roam around even for just an hour or two; Ayala Triangle or Greenbelt. :)

Simple things like these would surely not only make your child happy, but it will also be a healthy way for them to exercise their body and mind with all the activities they can do. :)

Remember Mommies, a healthy kid is a happy kid!

More tips on Raising Happy & Healthy Kids over at :)


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