Photo Diary: Bloggers United 8!

by - December 23, 2014

It has been weeks since Bloggers United 8 and I can't believe I'm only writing about it now!>_< Things have just been so hectic lately and with Christmas only being three days away, I've been trying to squeeze everything to my schedule. I actually want to doze off in bed already, but I figured it has also been almost a week since my last entry, so it's about time!

Bloggers United 8 was a really fun experience for me. Well, all BU bazaars have been great for me! I'm thankful that I have such supportive friends and readers who take the time to pass by my booth! That's why no matter how tiring it may be to man my booth the whole day, I really enjoy it!:)

To remember my happy day with you all, I want to share my very own experience of #BU8xOLX through a photo diary!

Like every Bloggers United, I always decorate my own paper bags!:) I was only able to make less than 10 of these and added small artsy treats inside, so I hope you guys liked it!:) Do leave me a comment if you were able to get a bag!^_^

To prove my excitement for that day, I actually got to the venue at 6AM! haha!:) Check how dark it was! Opening was at 10AM, but got there so early, parang ako na mag bubukas ng venue!=P

Finally, Mr. Sun showed up and it was time for a little OOTD post!:) Wore the cool cap I got from Indie-Go Boutique, Skirt from F21 and sandals from Lazada Fashion. :)

For Bloggers United 8, our partner was OLX and they really did a great job with handling everything! Our venue was at White Space, Makati. :)

This time, I'm sure you didn't have a hard time finding your favorite bloggers' booth because of this super neat map!:) 

My boothmate this time around was none other than the uber talented Reese Lansangan! I found it so perfect, because not only do we have the same hair color, but we both love quirky things!:) Like last Bloggers United, her booth was the only one I shopped at! hehe! I hope you guys were able to buy her awesome album and original artworks!

As for my booth, I still sold clothes, bags, accessories and knick-knacks. :) However, what made it a little different is that my BFFs, the Hubby and I added mason jars to the menu!

Our boys- The business men! haha!:)

We were selling them for only Php 120 and it was our best-seller! We had 46 pieces and it was sold out at the end of the day!:) If you were able to buy these Mason Jars from us, please do leave a comment as well or please do tag us on Instagram!:) Hope you liked your purchase and thank you so much!^_^

I was also happy to see and get a photo with some of my gorgeous blogger friends!

Hello, Kisty and to my favorite sisters, Vern and Verniece!:) These girls are just so pretty! Agree??

Got a little vain with the BFF at Fresh Gear's photobooth!:) Fun!:) It's magnetic, so I can even put it on our fridge! Nice souvenir from BU8!

And of course, no Bloggers United would ever be complete without your amazing presence!:) It will always be my favorite part- seeing you guys! Greeting new and old faces and getting to chat even for a short while.

Thank you so much, Marie, Dreamer, Zymon, Ahlex, Rie, Rose, Rejj, Twila, Via, Cora, Franz and Pau-Pau for taking the time to drop by my booth to say Hello and have our pictures taken together! You guys are a big part of my blog and I will always treasure this!^_^ Hoping to see you, guys again real soon!

Another touching part...

Thank you, thank you to Pau-Pau for the sweet card. Not a lot of people do hand-written notes anymore and I'm still pretty old school, so thank you for this! I'll definitely keep this in my memory box! Also to Jukaykayatbp for the quirky gift! So thoughtful! I love it to bits! Thank you again to both girls for making Bloggers United 8 extra special!

BU8 was a success and all thanks to these hardworking girls!:) Congratulations again, Paxieness and Anagon for the wonderful turnout! Bloggers United 8 wouldn't be what it is today without your determination!:) Thank you for making me a part of this for the 8th time! Love you, girls!:-*

And that finally concludes my #BU8xOLX experience!:) I know I've said this a lot, but truly, thank you for the support and love!:) I have been blogging for almost 9 years now, but 4 years on Blogspot and I am blessed to have readers like you guys! It fills my heart with so much gratitude that you take the time to read my posts!:) Hoping we can still have the same relationship and great journey when 2015 arrives. :) Thank you again! Much love!!


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