Mystery Box in BGC

by - February 15, 2015

If you're a frequent visitor at Bonifacio Global City, you would have most likely notice the big Dentiste green and white gift box that has been sitting in their garden area. That Mystery Box has made a lot of people curious and finally, day before Valentine's Day, they revealed it to everyone. :)

Can you guess what's waiting inside? :)

Naturally, we all got surprised when this silhouette of a kissing couple appeared as the cover was taken off. But when you think of it, being in a conservative country, we tend to get shy to kiss in public or we worry too much about what other people might think. 

This Valentine's Day 2015, Dentiste changed that for all of us by allowing us to have a moment with our loved ones in this box and even capture this sweet gesture through a photo. :)

 Oh and just so you know, this box wasn't just for couples who wanted to kiss their special someone. This was also welcomed to friends, sisters and even mother and child. Just like me and Athan on the photo above!:)

We also got to witness the couple from the reality TV show "I DO" - Jimmy and Kring. :) 

They too shared a sweet kiss and they look so happy together!^_^

Thank you to my cute lil' date!

I think this was a successful Valentine's Day plan for Dentiste. :) Not only did the couples enjoy, but it added as another great memory for everyone who joined in the fun. :)

"Dentiste is the 1st Nighttime Toothpaste clinically proven to inhibit the growth of nighttime oral bacteria, giving you fresh morning breath!"


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  1. Nice promo. And nice to see a new player in oral care. Might give this a try anytime soon =)


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