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by - March 06, 2015

Being in the fashion blogging industry for 5 years now, I've had my fair share of fashion experience when it comes to dressing up. Believe me, I'd had a couple of fashion Boo-Boos before I actually got the hang of it. Sometimes I'd get the colors all mixed up that it doesn't look good anymore or I'd pair the wrong shoes with a certain outfit. Oh the list goes on. But what I really learned is how to pick lingerie suitable for one's body type and how it would also look when I wear my clothes. :)

When wearing tight clothes, I highly suggest that you go for undergarments that aren't that noticeable or as if it doesn't exist. You wouldn't want your panty lines saying HELLO to strangers or being visible on your tush when you're walking in public or worst,  at important events! >_< You can either wear g-string, thongs or panties that have really thin straps. :) For jeans though, I think you can get away with the hipster or boyleg style. :)

On a daily basis for me though, I love 

If you're confused on what those styles are or you actually want a change to your undergarments, you can check out the stylish collection of undergarments at Zalora. :)

Aside from underwear, I also have outfits that need bras that also won't be too visible, because it's strapless. (like the ones you see above) or a low back dress. I'm sure you've seen plenty of celebrities wear outfits like that and wonder, "Are they wearing any bra??" Of course, majority of them are. They just have the perfect lingerie for it! So, normally I wear strapless bras or adhesive bras. That's my go-to. But for others, you can try the Low-back bra converter. :) Reference here: 

A perfect example of a low back dress would be my outfit here: 

It's really simple once you get the hang of it. :) Hope this helped!


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