My first workshop experience!

by - April 26, 2015

I'm sure that art workshops have been around for a very long time already, but I know they became so popular two years ago and since then, I've been wanting to attend rubber stamp making, watercolor and calligraphy. Those were my top three choices. But time wasn't on my side, so I never had the chance to attend a single one. 

Fortunately, I met some really good people along the way and last April 12, 2015, I was finally able to attend a Watercolor and Lettering workshop by my fellow blogger friends the Googly Gooeys! ^_^

The workshop was held at Fully Booked, BGC. :)

Our teacher for the workshop was none other than Tippy. :) She's actually one of my favorite local artists and I love how she's super colorful as well! It's rare that I meet someone who is in love with colors as much as me. :) She's a really nice teacher too, very hands-on and she makes us feel at ease and that we have awesome skills haha!:)

The first one we did was watercolor and she taught us different techniques and before this workshop, I really didn't know much about it. I just painted like how a child would. =P So, I'm really thankful I learned something new! My skills just went from Level 1 to Level 5! Hoping I get even better!

Next up, we had the Lettering a.k.a. Calligraphy!

I absolutely love how Tippy prepares for her workshops. We get to keep the materials used and a cute Googly Gooeys tote bag and She had these sheets printed out and we even got to take home some, so we could practice. :) During the Lettering workshop, she actually encouraged us to use our own style or handwriting. We also got to apply what we learned in watercolor to calligraphy!:)

For our last activity, we had a little project wherein we had to apply what we learned through a drawing or favorite quote. This was my work. :) I used watercolor, but with some calligraphy skills that I learned from Tippy! 

Photo from Googly Gooeys :)

I had a super great time at this workshop and hoping I can go on another one soon! I really want to attend a Rubber Stamp or Paper-cutting workshop soon! *Fingers crossed*

 Thank you so much again, Tippy!♥ 

If you too want to attend workshops by the Googly Gooeys, do visit their site below...


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