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by - April 29, 2015

If you've been following me for quite sometime now, you've probably mastered the fact that I am a colorful person and I am absolutely in love with prints and anything 'artsy' related. I guess that's the main reason why I can't help but also wear things that are either colorful or has too much prints. Those things just simply make me happy. Even if I'm in a melancholy mood, I still tend to be polychromatic!:) 

But I didn't know that even socks can project moods now! So happy ( I will be saying that a lot in this entry hehe) that I got to attend the launch of Happy Socks yesterday at Staple and Perk Bakery!

Upon getting to the venue, these signs caught my attention. Turns out, we had to choose a pair of Happy Socks and leave our shoes outside before entering the bakery. This already sounded interesting for me! It got me curious how the event flow will go.

Oh and can you guess which design of Happy Socks did I get? :)

 Bidding my Birkenstocks goodbye for the meantime!

See you later! ^_^ My feet will be all cozied up in fun Happy Socks!

Happy Beginnings- Happy Socks was founded by friends Viktor Tell and Mikael Soderlindh in Sweden in 2008. The first store of the brand was opened in 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Today, Happy Socks is available in over 6,000 fashion apparel boutiques in more than 70 different countries in all continents.

We should all be thankful to the founds and these two ladies for bringing Happy Socks to the world and to Philippines! We should wear happiness inside and out! ^_^

Happy Socks creates two collections every year. The Fall/Winter is released on the first day of August, while the Spring/Summer is made available on February 1.

The brand has done numerous successful collaborations: Happy Socks customized Rolex, Keds, Adidas - Matchplay x Victor Tell, Wong Wong, Paris Saint-Germain by Happy Socks, and recently, Snoop Dogg.

Staple and Perk Bakery was packed that day and it was obvious that people didn't want to miss out on this super fun and happy event. :)

Happy Socks in the Philippines could be found in different retailers nationwide:

Common Thread in Greenbelt 5 and Power Plant Mall | Rustan's, Makati | Felipe & Sons in Salcedo Village, Makati | Satchmi in SM Megamall | The Flatshop in Eastwood, Glorietta and Greenhills | Bao Bao Babies in Oakridge Business Park, Cebu City | Chimes Specialty Store in Davao City | and many more. :)

Soon, Happy Socks athletic socks and underwear will be available in the Philippines come the second half of the year in selected retailers. 

But the main question here is, 'What makes people happy?' 

For Happy Socks, it's all about transforming that one, everyday essential into becoming a colorful addition to your wardrobe that ultimately, spreads happiness. And to help their mission along, they've compiled these 10 simple ways you can boost your mood and happiness.

1. Lend a hand- Making a difference in someone's life is fundamental to lifting your spirits and it almost goes without saying. But every now and then, it helps to be reminded that helping others doesn't necessarily mean moving heaven and earth for them. Great if you can, but a smile, a compliment, giving away change, helping the neighbor with her groceries or even holding out a door for someone can go a long way too.

2. Get MovingExercise. Remember that your mind and body are connected, and getting active translates to boosting your mood. Not that you should start running marathons (although if you want to and can, then by all means, do so), but you should certainly do more than just stay on the couch, binge-watching your favorite TV show all day.

3. Write it down- Sometimes, even you need to be reminded of all the things that you should be grateful for; and one of the best ways to do so is to write it all down. Putting everything on paper means you can tangibly see what you are thankful for. Keep a journal - It's been known to create better self-awareness and highlight positive emotions.

4. Stay connected- No man is an island - and if anyone every doubted that, just check out statistics that show how people in stable, strong, relationships are happier, healthier, and generally, live longer. Good, healthy relationships offer support, love and give meaning to your lives, so make time to build and strengthen those connections. Don't get too consumed by work or school, make time for the people who matter in your lives.

5.  Just add coffee- Your daily dose of java can do a lot more for your mood than you can imagine. As a natural stimulant, certain studies show that not only can coffee help treat depression, but healthy doses of caffeine can lift your spirits, and even protect against some diseases. Enjoy it black without cream and sugar for best results!

6. Turn it up- Music has a remarkable ability to stir strong emotions in people, so queue your favorite playlist and turn the music up - especially when you have to deal with the more difficult or tedious items on your to-do list to pick up your mood.

7. Set goals- Set goals for yourself - but be more granular about it. While it's great to dream big, it's important to feel that you're able to achieve the little things as well. The simple act of finishing all these little things on your to-do list lends a feeling of accomplishment and happiness. Start by making your bed every morning - to start your day off with a simple, easy to complete task that reminds you that goals ( big or small) can be completed if you make an effort to do so. And when you come home and see that carefully made bed at the end of a busy day, you can be reminded of your accomplishment.

8. Treat yourself- Once in a while, indulging in treats that reminds you to go easy on yourself can help boost your mood and overall happiness. A day off, a spa day, a weekend trip to the beach, a brief exotic holiday, even shopping for a new pair of shoes can give you that positive rush you need to get through a tough week.

9. Grin and bear it- Michael Jackson, Charlie Chaplin and Nat King Cole were all on to something when they crooned 'smile, though your heart is aching...' Apparently smiling can tip the scales towards an actual happy mood when you're feeling a little 'meh.' Give others a smile and you're likely to get another one in return.

10. Live in the moment- Try not to worry about the future too much and on the flipside, avoid overthinking the past. Stop and take note of everything going on around you, right now. No need to go completely existential to get this done - walk instead of driving to work to take in the sights, don't rush through a meal and enjoy new flavors; give yourself some head space and take even just 5 minutes out to breathe.

Give your mood a lift with these 10 tips but pave way for real happiness by doing more. Don't just aim to make yourself happier, go the extra mile and make someone's day too!

As for me, I usually eat my favorite comfort foods, go to the bookstore, talk with my kids/husband and look at kawaii things to boost my mood and happiness. :) How about you?

Wearing my Happy Socks :)

Had a really great and happy time at the Happy Socks launch! Hoping to get more pairs soon and will definitely spread more happiness around me!

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  1. These are the cutest socks I have ever seen! I want a pair! :)


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