Ayala Malls Mothers Day celebration!

by - May 17, 2015

A mother is very dear to our hearts. She sacrifices everything for her child- her sleep, her time, her life. And for that, we should always always always make them feel special everyday no matter what. :) On Mother's Day on the other hand, we make her feel EXTRA special. ;)

For me, I was blessed to have two mothers growing up. The first one, of course is my real mother and she is one heck of a super mom! She managed to be a mother and father to be at the same time. I can't thank her enough for the life she gave me. I'm spoiled (why wouldn't I be? Only child!), but not rotten. She also loves my kids as much. :) The second mother is my Ama a.k.a. Lola. She and my Lolo raised me while Mom was away to work. I won't be able to do my blogging, events and even go to school without her. She takes care of my kids almost everyday and like my Mom, she's also super mom! She takes care of all of us and for that, I will forever be grateful to her. She's the best second mom anyone could ask for. :)

Since we always have the typical lunch or dinner out on Mother's Day, I decided to stir things up a bit and give my Lola a different kind of Mother's Day Celebration. :) 

How different exactly?

I took her to my Mother's Day event at Glorietta and Greenbelt! ^_^ This was the first time I ever brought her to one of my events and this is the first that we ever got to bond at one! :) So, I was pretty excited to see how she'll react to it. Plus, this was the kind of event that you could bring your Mom, so it was perfect!


Our first stop for the Ayala Malls Mother's Day celebration was at Glorietta 5, where the Project MOM caravan was for the day and I was a bit late, but fortunately was still able to get there before Amanda Griffin-Jacob left. She was actually about to go already, but I rushed to her and got my book signed! She's so nice and not to mention, gorgeous! ^_^ My next goal is to get Bianca Elizalde to sign it! Both my Mom pegs in life! 

Aside from meeting one of my Mom Pegs in life, we were also showered with so much gifts from Ayala Malls and these are just a few of MANY...and I really mean MANY!

My Lola and I were each given our own loot bag, so it's twice as much if you see it in person! They gave us a lot of awesome Mom stuff and my Lola got her own version of the Melissa wedges too, but in brown. :)

Next up, we had a sweet affair at the Mother's Day Fair at Glorietta 4.

My Ama waiting for her scoop of gelato!

We got to taste a few of the sweet treats offered there and my favorite would have to be Happy Cream Puff... they have one of the best and it's bite size too! Easy to eat. :) And, Manila Creamery's ice cream. If ever you see them on weekends (they're located near Funky Fish), you should try their Manga Suman flavor. I heard it's pretty good and a crowd favorite. :) My Lola and I had the chocolate flavor, which was also yummy! You can visit their FB Page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Manila-Creamery/432594913555503 :)

Our last, but definitely not the least stop was at Greenbelt for the Chocolate Fair. :)

If you think the Mother's Day Fair at Glorietta 4 was the end of our sweets, it wasn't! We had a little bit more at Greenbelt 5 and not only chocolates, but a Mom's Day Sips care of Greenbelt as a cheers to all Moms. :)

With Nikita, Yuki and their Moms :)

There was a different drink made every hour and our favorite was the Royal Mojave; Vodka with Rosemary flavor and basil. It's my favorite drink from now on! ^_^

With my Lola, Nikita's Family, Yuki + her Mom and Raj :)

Finally, we ended our Mother's Day celebration with Ayala Malls at Cibo for dinner. :) 

Thank you so much to Ayala Malls for making this year's Mother's Day a very special one for me and my Lola. :) We had such a great time and couldn't be any happier with the lovely gifts. I couldn't have asked for a better day with my Ama. :)

Cheers to motherhood and for malls like Ayala who recognize and celebrate how amazing Moms are!


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