Let's go to the beach and let's get away!

by - May 03, 2015

I've been wanting to blog this since April, but I didn't have the opportunity and fast internet. Our DSL connection broke down for almost a month, so now that it is back, I can blog our last adventure at the beach! Yey! It has been a long time since my family and I went to the beach. I think last time was almost 3-4 years ago? I think, if my memory serves me right. :) But this was Asher's first time and I got excited for him!:)

Before getting to our destination, we travelled for a good 3 to 4 hours and when we got to Tagaytay, we just had to stop over and admire this beautiful view!:) Makes me wonder why not much people take care of our environment. I hope we starting doing more for mother earth, because I want my kids and the future generation to see its wonders!

Finally, Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas...........

It was my BFFs Nickie and Lester who planned this trip since I'm not really good at finding nice beaches to stay at. It's all so foreign to me. Thankful that I have them! When we got there, for a day trip, we were charged a total of Php 260 for 5 people. Asher is still a baby, so he was free. :)

The beach itself is beautiful. Though there are some people who are careless and tend to leave trash around. Also, their CR isn't the cleanest in the world. It was a good thing that we went there wearing our swimsuits already. We didn't take a shower there either. It's that bad! I highly recommend that they improve their comfort rooms since the beach is gorgeous! That was our only (and I bet, everyone else) problem. Just so you know what you're going to get yourself into when you go there. :) It isn't a high-end beach, but again, it's beautiful. :)

Let me show you why through a photo diary!

They have brown sand there and it was clean for us to play in and make sand castles. :) I suggest you bring sand-building kits or toys if you have kids. They'll really enjoy it!

There were plenty of starfishes for us to admire at Burot Beach. But you cannot take them home as souvenirs. That's a big NO-NO. It's another sad thing that some people at the beach don't know the difference between admiring and hurting these poor creatures. There were kids who threw them as if they were football and I spotted adults attempting to take them home. But the worst part, my best friend Nickie and I encountered one already dead and dried up on a rock. The poor thing was just left there to die. How heartless. :( 

My only advise is, take countless of photos and hold them for awhile. But please respect them and leave them in the sea where they belong. Don't kill these beautiful animals.

We brought our own food at the beach, like fish and chicken and just rented out a griller at the beach for Php 150. A bit steep, but at least we had somewhere to cook our food! :)

The beach closes at 6PM officially for the people who are only there for the day. You can also opt to stay overnight, but make sure you bring your own tent, because you won't have anywhere to sleep there, because the beach is just filled with boats and sand. You can maybe try a hotel nearby. But if you wanna sleep there itself, bring your tents!

After our yummy lunch, we went island hopping and stayed at the sandbar for 40 minutes. :) For the 5 of us + life vests, we paid Php 680. For that price actually, you should be able to go to the sandbar and starfish place. Unfortunately, it was low tide, so we just stayed at the sandbar much longer. Not bad!

When we got back to the beach, we were greeted by such a stunning view that usually gets obstructed by the towering condos and buildings here in Manila. 

This was the back view....

And the view where the water is. How amazing is that?? They have different shades depending on the side! Super love this and I'm sorely missing the beach just by looking at this again!

Despite not really having nice comfort rooms, we still enjoyed our time at Burot Beach. :) I actually recommend it to people who aren't fussy or sensitive. You'd like it! As you can see, the beach is stunning and I will come back here given the chance. :)

If you wanna know more about this place or how to get here, you can try this Facebook page and Four Square:



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  1. Hay ang ganda nun parang painting na view :) I miss the beach nadin... To more this summer <3

  2. Honestly I also miss going to the beach and that's why I am planning to hit to the beach or pool anytime soon. Yay! I love your swimsuit, yan na dn mga bet ko now to hide our precious marks! Hah!


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