Make Your Own Havaianas 2015!

by - May 10, 2015

Make Your Own Havaianas has been around for 10 years this 2015 and I've only been doing this for 3 consecutive years now and all I can say is that, I wouldn't want to miss out on it ever!:) It's one of my favorite events since I started blogging and every year I look forward to the new theme,  super cute flip flops colors and pins! ^_^ 

You can read my past MYOH experience here:

To see more from this year, read more below!

For 2015, Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH) is yet again held at the Glorietta Activity Center and has a Hawaiian theme and we were filled with Luau food, decorations, songs and of course, Hawaiian pins!

Got so excited for this year that we were actually early! haha!

The blogger friends and I also dressed according to the theme and went for either a Luau or summer vibe!

With blogger friends: Rica Paralejo- Bonifacio + baby Philip Bo | Kat Valdez + Cat Trivino + Pax | Tracy + Lissa + Ana + Arisse | Bestie :)

I wore my 2014 pink and white Havaianas to this year's MYOH. :)

A few fun stuff we got to do before assembling our Havaianas...

Dropped by the Lulu DK tattoo booth and got these super cute Hawaiian themed metallic tats! ^_^ Even Athan got his own! Hehe! You may visit them at to see more designs and to know where to find them. :)

Got to enjoy yummy fruit snacks, snow cones and glamour glaze from Krispy Kreme. :)

And finally to the exciting part of them all! The assembling! Hello to our fun assemblers who came dancing down the lane to Lilo and Stitch's "Hawaiian Roller coaster ride" song... ^_^ Good vibes!


Like every year, I go for the slim version for the soles and straps, because they look better on my feet. :) It looks "sexy" hahaha! I feel like the TOPS would kinda look big on me and I think this year is also my favorite, because of the pastel soles and cute pins! Hello, pineapple!!! >_<

My assembler this year was KitKat and she was nothing but accommodating even if I made a mistake with the amount of pins and still all smiles! Thank you, KitKat!

My finished pair and also my fellow blogger friends who made theirs as well...

UP: Me and Ana | DOWN: Tracy, Niko and Pax :) 

Both Niko and Tracy got the commemorative pair and you too can if you go to the last day today! :)

The checkout was a breeze and thank you, ladies for the fast service!

I super love my new pair of Havaianas! Another one to add to my growing collection!

Make Your Own Havaianas 2015 is on its last day today, so be sure to drop by at the Glorietta Activity Center! :) 

Visit them at the following to get updates:


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  1. You're friends and Rica? Amazing! Didn't you stumble Rhea? She's my friend! Hehe good to see you with other bloggers too! I super love attending events hopefully I could experience this kind of event and sana meron din sa Cebu. Planning to go back there and work kasi.


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