Yellow Cab @ Mezza!

by - May 09, 2015

Our favorite pizza place has recently opened up a new branch at SMDC Mezza and so happy I got the chance to visit it last week and even did something exciting!:)

I had a long commute going here. It's at Quezon City and if you're familiar riding the LRT like me, you can go down Doroteo Jose and walk to the LRT 2 line and go down again at V. Mapa station. You just have to walk a bit to get to SMDC Mezza, but once you're there, you'll easily spot Yellow Cab. :)

I was a bit late, but when I got there, I spotted these brave souls who entered the Man vs. Pizza contest. They each had to finish a large 18 inch pizza and whoever finishes first, gets 6 months supply of Yellow Cab! OMG! What a treat! If only I could stomach that much pizza, i'd definitely go for it! I want 6 months of Yellow Cab! Haha!

Can you guess what else we did? Read more below!

For this Yellow Cab event, it was very intimate, because each blogger got to bring 5 of their readers and so glad I got the chance to talk and bond with my blogger friends and readers!:) 

Thank you so much for coming Fibi Ruth, Patty, Andrea and Thirdy! Hope you guys had fun!:)

They gave away these stubs to the readers and so cute that it looks like the take-out box! ^_^

After our yummy Yellow Cab lunch, we headed over to the kitchen to get ready to make our very own Pizza! Yey! ^_^ 

We were prepped up in our apron and taught by one of their trainers how to make our very own New York finest 10 inch pizza. :)

Our dough was already ready made by our Yellow Cab trainer, so all we had to do was the sauce and toppings. :)

We each had our own place and tray for our pizza-making and I didn't know that it was actually tedious to make one! They have certain ways in putting toppings and they make sure the quality is really superb! So, if you get a pizza delivered to you, know that it's made with love and effort! haha!

Finished topping my pizza and off it goes to the oven! Byeeeeeee!!

Finished product! Love it! I find it a bit chubby from the typical Yellow Cab pizza, but I guess that's what happens when you're just a beginner! =P But doesn't it look pretty...... yummy?? hehe!

Also got to cut and prepare my very own take-out pizza!


 Thank you, Yellow Cab for the fun afternoon and making me experience making my very own pizza!:)

Visit the newest branch of Yellow Cab at and for updates!


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  1. Wow this is nice! Good thing you know some of your readers (ako kasi di ko alam if meron haha) and you've got the chance to bond with them pa. I super love yellow cab and the only time I can eat there when i'm inCebu. Sucks! Haha


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