Bank on Basics!

by - June 16, 2015

When it comes to clothes, I may get dressy during events, but on most days, I am a basics girl. I simply cannot live without them. I grew up with a laid back Mom, so it's safe to say that my fashion before was more on the casual side, but of course still stylish - casual chic! ;) 

The clothes that dominated my closet as a kid were from Giordano back then and a just a little fact, Giordano came to our local scene the same year that I was born! So meant to be! Hihihi! ^_^ Till now, whenever I go shopping for basics, Giordano is my go-to store. Besides, how can you not love basics? It will never go out of style!

Well-made timeless basics, whether it's a crisp white polo or a pair of well-fitted khakis, are a great foundation to any wardrobe. But more often than not, high quality basics come with a hefty price tag.

So, being in love with basics, imagine my happiness when I found out their awesome news!

This June and July, Giordano launches the Bank on Basics campaign to help us get started. Giordano offers new colorful basics in budget-friendly prices while existing pieces come in discounted prices.

The Bank on Basics campaign include a curated selection of shorts, pants, shirts and tees that will surely add that much-needed splash of color to the coming gloomy months. Extend summer, or at least the feeling of freedom and fun summer brings, by pairing a classic plaid or casual shirt with colorful Giordano shorts. Folded khakis in different colors (like what I'm wearing above! ^_^) are also available for a more preppy yet relaxed look.

Discounts go from 20% to 30% OFF and shorts go for as low as Php 999! I wouldn't mind getting a pair or more! >_< 

Needless to say, I went out of Giordano with a big shopping bag and a lot of basics in tow! The basic girl in me is jumping for you! Can't wait to show you, guys my OOTD posts soon!

Basics will forever be timeless, so don't miss out on the big discounts! Head on over to the nearest Giordano to bag these basics!

Visit their page for more info:


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