Cooking session with O & Co.

by - June 20, 2015

When I shifted to being a Lifestyle blogger, I promised myself that i'll be more open to trying new things and true enough, for almost 3 years now of being in Lifestyle, I've had a lot of different experiences and just two weeks ago, I had my first exposure in a cooking session with Oliviers & Co. :)

It's not my first time to cook, but I did learn a new recipe thanks to O&Co. :) I had the chance to make Grilled Liempo! Yum! 

Of course, I would also share with you, guys the ingredients and procedures for this! :)

A little information about Oliviers & Co.

O&Co., France's premiere range of olive oil, seasonings, and condiments, now found at the heart of Central Square in Bonifacio High Street Central, utilizes only the finest ingredients and top-notch production processes that heighten the flavor and finesse of everyday food preparations, turning the mundane into masterpiece dishes.

With 300 partner mills in France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Greece, and Portugal, under the discerning taste and artisanal approaches of olive oil connoisseur Albert Baussan, O&Co.'s line of supreme-quality oils and condiments are celebrated by the world's most acclaimed chefs. This time, O&Co. is coming straight to your kitchens, inspiring committed home cooks to bring the flair, the freshness, and the flavor of the world's finest olive oil right at the heart of their daily dining.

I may not be an oil connoisseur, but when you cook once in awhile, you kinda get the drift of fresh vs. stale ingredients. When I got to taste some of the oils that O&Co. offered, they were indeed fresh! I could somewhat sense greens and it has a natural taste. They only make a certain liter of their olive oils and they have the farmers written on each bottle. Once they run out of a certain kind, you have to wait for the next harvest. That's how fresh it is!

 They have a lot of things to offer in their store, so if you're into cooking, like my Mom who is obsessed! You should visit O&Co. Aside from their olive oil, seasonings, and condiments, they also carry kitchen accessories, like bowls, condiment holders and more. And they best part, DESSERT and TRUFFLE!!! :)

Two food bloggers are invited every weekend to partner with O&Co.'s in-house chefs, to produce winning recipes using Oliviers & Co.'s premium products.

O&Co. encourages people to join in their cooking sessions, so don't hesitate to go visit their store and ask an O&Co. staff when you can attend one. 

For this cooking session, my co-chef was none other than Beb Ana and the people who guided us along the way - The Madhouse MNL team and O&Co.'s Kashmir Ong. :) 

Beb Ana cooked the Pinoy Beef Steak, but since she's vegetarian, they changed it to tofu! It's super good! You can get tips on how this was made at her blog: :)

As for me, here's how I made Grilled Liempo...

First we sliced the Pork belly, then marinated it in: 

1/2 cup soy sauce
6 cloves garlic, crushed
1/4 cup calamansi
1/2 teaspoon grind black pepper
1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons brown sugar

and also added O&Co.'s Herbes de Provence for more flavor!

Cooked this for a good 5-10 minutes. :)

and finally, our masterpiece; Grilled Liempo and Vegetarian style Pinoy Beef Steak!

 I can't wait to recreate the dish I cooked to my family! I'm sure they'll love it!:)

For dessert, we made Turon in 3 ways. But since most of you are familiar with the typical version, I'll share the Choco Turon we made. :)


1. Quarter long bananas by cutting them lengthwise
2. Wet one side of the banana with water, spread O&CO Hazelnut spread over the other
3. Wrap in spring roll wrapping
4. Deep fry until golden brown and transfer on a plate with paper towel to drain excess oil

This is best served for Vanilla ice cream! ^_^

Spend your mall-time in a different way by cooking with O&Co. I'm sure you'll have fun and have a whole new experience! 

For more information about O&CO., visit them:


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  1. Wow I didn't know you could cook at Oliviers & Co, and liempo wasn't what I was expecting because they seem so... European?

  2. I love it, Ava! You now cook! Congrats!


  3. OMG! Nakakahilo all the types of oils and herbs. My friend from Canada will go gaga over this place, and I think I will too! =)
    That's a great experience for you! Keep on cookin'!


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