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by - June 09, 2015

For people who prefer flats over heels and are on the lookout for really durable flats, you'll be happy to know that Madrid based brand, Menina Step is now here in the Philippines!:)

Guess who that little boy is! >_<

Known for their handcrafted Spanish leather Ballerina flats, you can be sure that each pair will last you a long time; classic and stylish is what Menina Step takes pride in. :)

See more of their styles below....

Last May 30, Menina Step officially launched their brand here in Manila at Powerplant Mall and guests were able to get first dibs on the pretty ballerina flats they had available and aside from that, we also had personalized watercolor portraits done by illustrator Kar Victoriano and personalized stamping of leather products by Wooden Mallet during the event. :)

I really love getting my things personalized, so this alone already made me happy. But of course, looking at new shoes won't hurt either! ;) Especially now that I'm so into flats! They're on top of my list now when shoe-shopping. You can wear them with almost anything, everyday and any occasion!

The owners + girls of Menina Step! :)

They also have the mini Menina Step and this makes me want to have a baby girl all the more!! Oh how I wish! We could even have a mini-me OOTD! >_< So cute! But for now, I can only dream!

"The name “Menina” stands for “Maid of Honour” in the Spanish 17th Century royalty, called the “Golden Century” in Spanish history. The painting represents some of the daughters of King Philip IV of Spain with their closest maids. The feminine and classic style of their dresses and the elegance of the Princesses are some of the attributes Menina Step would like to be related to."

Right now, they don't have a physical store yet, but you may check them out at :) Just in case something already caught your fancy while browsing through my entry. ;)

Thank you so much again to my good friend, Shari Macainag and Menina Step for inviting me to the launch!:) I had a really great time!

 For more updates, you can also go to the Facebook page of Menina Step:


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  1. Will always prefer flats over heels! Will definitely check this out! And I want that purse with the leather stamped initials! <3

    ❤, Alex //

  2. Ahhhh!! Beautiful entry!!! Thanks so much for this, Ava!!!


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