Progress Pre-School GOLD: Back to school + JUNE Promo!

by - June 23, 2015

It's officially back to school for every child. My Athan has been adjusting well in big school and it has been more than two weeks already since he started. :)

Truth be told, I was the one having the hard time adjusting! haha! It's so difficult to let your child go at times, because I got so used to being able to see him and observe him in class during his preschool days. Now, I can't even take him pass their grade school gate. :( Sigh.. But I'm proud of my little man!

He has shown great progress through out his two weeks in school. See that boy with his arms semi-raised up and smiling? That's my Athan!:) The happy boy in class!

I really miss the summer time when he would just be at home. But he's already back in school and even if I'm having separation anxiety, I was able to somewhat tone it down and instead focus on how he can achieve a lot this school year. :) 

The top 3 things i'll do to boost his Multiple Intelligence...

Athan having breakfast before his first day of P.E. Class!

1.) Give him the proper nutrition by never missing out on a healthy breakfast before heading to school and drinking his vitamins- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so if I want Athan to be alert, happy and strong, I make sure to give him a hearty meal and the right milk. :) He's usually sleepy in the morning, but as soon as he sees what he's gonna have for breakfast, it perks him right up!:)

2.) Encouraging him to already do his homework as soon as he comes home. This way, he can learn to be independent and learn new things. :) I also give him papers and crayons, so he can unleash his imagination through drawing. 

3.) Athan only has school half the day, so when he comes home, I allow him to engage and play with the neighborhood kids, and sometimes allow him to do different activities with people. This way, he gets to mingle with people and boy, is he Mr. Congeniality with other people! ^_^

I take time in raising Athan well and I believe that having Multiple Intelligence is important not just school but in life as well.

First- with Multiple Intelligence, kids can demonstrate their strengths and even hone their skills along the way. Your child can also learn to manage his or her learning abilities.

Second- Multiple Intelligence is important, because it can open a lot of opportunities for my child. It allows him to aspire big and work on his future. It simply allows him to grow.

Third- Having Multiple Intelligence gives your child the ability to solve problems that he/ she might encounter in life.

Those are just some of the things I do and few tips I do on Athan. :)

How about you, Mommies? 

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Can't wait to read your posts! Good luck, Mommies! ^_^


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  1. Parents are usually the ones who have separation anxiety, hehehehe...your boy seems to be very happy with school, and that's a good thing!


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