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by - June 25, 2015

When I first entered college, there were so many things that I needed to adjust to and being really independent was one of them. The other is that I would be spending a lot of time going in and out of National Bookstore - buying school supplies, materials for projects, yellow pad, pens, notebook, etc. But my favorite part of going to NBS was that I get to buy my favorite 'art' pen, Stabilo Point 88. It was actually my dependency on planners that prompted this love for Stabilo Point 88. I love writing with colored pens, so i'd buy one or two Point 88 whenever I visit NBS. 

My humble (after Asher started losing the others haha!) collection of Point 88!

I know some of you are familiar with Stabilo as a highlighter brand. But aside from their ever-so dependable highlighters, the Point 88 is also a love of mine. 

Last month, I received an invite to attend Stabilo's "ARTernoon Tea" event and imagine my excitement! This is definitely a must-go-to and one of my dream events as a blogger! 

So what did we do exactly? :) READ MORE!

The intimate event was held at Bizu, Rockwell last Friday. :) 

when I got to the venue, I spotted that everything was so Instagram-worthy! I surely couldn't let it pass! ^_^ I'm sure my fellow 'artsy' friends on Instagram would understand!

With my fellow art enthusiasts- Tippy and Abbey Sy. :)

Just so you know, the Point 88 is actually meant for writing and not coloring. You can use the Pen 68 ( the non-orange body) for coloring instead. :)

Speaking of highlighters, a few facts about the Stabilo Boss Original (the bigger version): 

First highlighting in the world
42 months shelf life
Long cap-off time- up to 4 hours

Which highlighter will you use now? ;)

If some little girls would dream about Barbie dolls, I, on the other hand, fantasize about new art materials! Have you ever felt that if you had that suitcase type - filled with markers, crayons and watercolor that you were so cool growing up?? I did! So, seeing all these awesome Stabilo pens and markers made my childhood dream come true!

I am in Stabilo heaven! But before I go on any further, I just have to greet my fellow 'artsy' soon-to-be Mommy Tippy of Googly Gooeys a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY and congratulations on your pregnancy!! ^_^

 Excited for your new character 'Tiny Pea'! :) 

Back to pens and more pens! ^_^

Thanks for lending me your phone, Tippy! hehe!

They showed us this pen called Stabilo Smartball 2.0 and it's not only a pen, but doubles as a stylus! Amazing, right?? :) I want one!

Athan using the Easy Original :)

The Stabilo Easy Original is meant for the kiddos! Better grip and writing experience for your child. :) 

More of my childhood dreams coming through....

These tribal themed Stabilo Point 88 set and Swing Cool highlighters are not in stores yet, but they'll be coming out real soon, so watch out for them!:)

My new discovery at the Stabilo tea gathering is the Stabilo Woody 3-in-1; colored pencil, watercolor and wax crayon all in one! It's so amazing and my new favorite! You can use it on paper, glass, metal and other smooth surfaces.

I even used it last Father's Day to surprise the Hubby! I wrote on our mirror using the Woody 3-in-1 and it can easily be removed with a wet wipes or towel! If your kids get their hands on this, no need to worry about your tables and computer screens (I hope! haha!). ;)

We were also given tips by Nelz of WeeWillDoodle on how to doodle and showed us some cool pieces from his portfolio.

 He can doodle such an awesome and big piece in just 5 minutes! We were all in awe! I swear, he's my new idol! He's the master!

I had such a great afternoon and wouldn't have spend that Friday any other way! Thank you so much to Blaise and the Stabilo team for inviting me! I can't wait to hoard more Stabilo products! haha!


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  1. I love the WeWillDoodle team! I've always tried doodling but never as good as their work! ALSO, I would've loved to be in this event! I love markers, pens, pencils, colored pens and all that! <3

    <3 Alex //


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