What My Kids Wore: Rain or shine OOTD

by - July 03, 2015

The month of July means that it's already beyond mid year and that it's time to start saying hello to the rainy season more often now. But even if the weather is gloomy, I think we shouldn't match to it. As a matter of fact, the more sad the weather makes us feel, we should counter it with happy hues to make our mood more lively and positive! You can even pass it on to other people who see you. :)

Just like my kiddos, no matter the weather, I love seeing them in cool and happy colors. So when I go clothes shopping for them, I pick the ones that are cheerful and fun to look at. Something that would totally resemble their cheerful disposition as kids!

Check out what my kids wore below...

With the wide collection of SM Kids' Fashion, it's never hard to shop for Athan and Asher. They have everything that I would want and it's fun shopping, because the kids also get to see what they want. :)

Athan is wearing a top and pants from BOYS GOT STYLE. It's one of my favorite brands from the Kids Section. They got super cute and stylish clothes for boys, so you might want to check them out! 

His outfit is perfect for summer with the hues and all. But as soon as it starts raining, you can easily top it off with a beanie and you're ready! Doesn't his top also remind you of the water's color? :)

Next up is Asher!

He's wearing a top from JUST TEES and pants from BOYS GOT STYLE ( told you,  I love that brand). :)

Since I already expressed why I love BOYS GOT STYLE, I wanna put JUST TEES in the limelight - I love their t-shirts, because they have really cute designs! I got Asher several tops and this was one of them!:) He's such a Daddy's boy, so perfect top!

And we all know that t-shirts and jeans are the perfect rainy day outfit, so this definitely is a must-have in your toddler's closet. :)

How about you, Mommies? What's you're go-to rainy day outfit? :)

To see more from SM Kids' Fashion, visit their FB Page:


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  1. OMG, Asher is all grown up na Ate Ava! :))))
    They both look super cute in their outfits. I'm a big fan of beanies on boys. :D

  2. Aww, they're both super adorable!!! :D


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