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by - August 20, 2015

Who says that coloring books are only for kids?? The kids at heart would definitely agree with me that coloring books are for all ages and I am so thankful that illustrators around the globe have been creating these cool coloring books for adults now and I just can't get enough of them! ^_^ Aside from coloring books, there are also coloring sheets and apps too! 

Let me share with you some of the ones that I'm currently loving!

The first coloring material for adults that I encountered is from Mark Dean Lim. He calls his wonderful creation COLOR ME DOODLE. :)

Color Me Doodle are coloring sheets for grown ups and Mark Dean Lim launched it just this year. :) He sent me this a few months back, but until now I still can't get enough of it! I seriously love coloring the different illustrations he made and I get so excited that I tend to jump from one sheet to another! haha! Low EQ moment! >_<

The coloring sheets have a version 1 & 2. You can purchase each for Php 250. 

I'm also happy to announce that aside from the coloring sheets, Mark has a Color Me Doodle: A Coloring Adventure of the Philippines for Grown-Ups book and you can pre-order it already! :) 

Check out for more information!

The next one that I fell in love with is the Coloring for Mindfulness Zen - Mandalas!

I got this one at Fully Booked and I think even National Bookstore carries adult coloring books, so do check them out. :) 

The most popular kind of coloring book for adults is the Secret Garden. But there are a lot of different kinds now and the Mandalas is one of them. :) Each coloring book would go for around Php 400-600+ depending on the publisher. :)

I really wanted a coloring book that had different designs and not just one theme, but this was the best that I could find. I didn't dig the others that were available at the time that I was looking. But I saw from a friend that they have more coloring books out now. I can't wait to hit the bookstore again! ^_^

But if you want something free and easy to bring around with you, then you might just get hooked on this new app called COLORFY!

Basically, you just search 'Colorfy' via App Store on Apple or Google Play for Android users and download it. You can see that I have it on my phone and when you open the app, you have a library filled with different themes - Florals, Animals, Mandalas and more. What I really love about this app is all you have to do is pick a color (they have so many nice colors to choose from) , tap on a certain part of the drawing and tadah! It's automatically colored! :)

My first Colorfy creation is the one you see above. I picked this out from the Florals album. :)
The great thing about this is you can easily share it on your social media accounts and let your friends see your beautiful work!:)

I think the reason why coloring books are also great for adults is because they're quite therapeutic. Whenever your stressed out, pick up a crayon or any coloring material and try doing this. I'm sure it'll make you relax. :)

That's it! Those are the three coloring stuff that I'm crazy about right now and i'll probably have more when I visit the bookstore. Hehe! Till me next Art Diaries!

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  1. Weeehhh! This is perfect! Especially now that my doctor advised me to be on a complete bed rest till I give birth x_x
    Now I have something to entertain myself more. Hehe!

    <3 Alex //


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