30th Negros Trade Fair

by - September 18, 2015

Its been awhile since I last went to a fair and I kinda miss it. So, after teaching my class at Makati yesterday, I headed straight to the Negros Trade Fair happening at the Glorietta Activity Center. :)

And to even make it more fun, I had my friends Pax and Niche to be with and look around the fair. 

We saw a lot of nice concessionaires and I also managed to score a few lovely handmade things for as low as Php 25 to 50! :) Wanna see more? Read below!

Incase you don't know what the Negros Trade Fair is all about, here's a little info...

The Negros Trade Fair, organized by the Association of Negros Producers is the Philippines' longest running provincially organized trade fair in Metro Manila. Their products range from Furniture, Gifts & Housewares, Fashion & Accessories, Food, and Natural and Organic products.

I was actually invited to their event two years ago, but I remember being sick, so I wasn't able to attend. I told myself that I didn't want to miss this one anymore and gladly I didn't! I seriously looked at every booth at the trade fair, because I did not want to miss out on anything!:)

From September 16-20, 2015, The Negros Trade Fair will be at the Glorietta to showcase the ingenuity and creativity of the Negrenses in terms of art, design and culture.

Truly, the Bacolodians have a surplus of talent in the arts and food category and I'm really impressed!

Sharing with you some of the nice booths that caught my attention. :)

These beautiful customized artisan shoes from Risque Designs by TAL. Definitely unique flats!

These recycled bottles turned into chimes, home decor or paper weight by Precy Perez. :) I needed a pen rest for when I do my calligraphy, so I got one from here! And guess what? It was only Php 25! Loooovvvveee! ^_^

The new Glorietta Activity Center is filled with the handcrafted fashion and home stuff, while the old one caters people who would want food or I heard that the Chicken Inasal is quite good. :)

Crocheted home and holiday decor by Vivo Handmade. :) These are made by Filipino artisan and semi-retired women. If you want to buy Christmas decors, I suggest you take a look at their booth this weekend. They have really cute ones and a big plus is you even support our local goods. :)

If you know me well enough, you would know why this booth immediately caught my attention - It's so cute! ^_^ And they also sell really nice educational stuff for kids and lovely bags! You can check them out at the trade fair or here http://www.teachermadetoys.com/ :)

A few more household sellers that I loved. :) It goes to show that Filipino products are really amazing! And you can export these products! I'm sure a lot of people from the around the globe would love them too. :) Love local!

 One of the most gorgeous booth at the Negros Trade Fair - My Domesticity. :) They sell Philippine-made products to spruce up your home. They're also a social enterprise supporting Gawad Kalinga community in San Carlos Negros Occidental. :)

Silay Export manufactures handcrafted table and home accessories and luminaries. :) I was so drawn to their colorful plates and beautiful trays.

Last, but certainly not the least is the Danjugan Island booth...

The booth had a few concessionaires, but the main part is the Danjugan Marine Reserve & Sanctuaries. They're inviting people to discover and explore the beauty of the island. Sellers like CatKaiHandmade are wonderful supporters of Danjugan with their rare seaglass jewelries. :)

There are a lot more booths to check out at the 30th Negros Trade Fair. What I shared above are just a few, so better visit them this weekend to get a chance to own some unique handmade pieces and taste a bit of Negros Occidental. :)


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