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by - October 26, 2015

Beyond the Box as a premium reseller of Apple products and other gadgets has always catered to tech enthusiasts across the country. It houses a fortified lineup of topnotch brands, all of which are synonymous to a creative digital lifestyle. But they're not simply just a tech store, they also provided added knowledge to customers who are not-so techie. This is what makes Beyond the Box different from most shops that you go to.

Last week, I went to another leg of their Beyond the Box: Box Talks workshop where hosts are specifically designed to speak to the average "non-techie." The goal is to convince the "technologically disabled" that there is much more to our every day devices that meets the eye. For the Box Talks that I attended, the host was none other than online influencer Cat Arambulo-Antonio. :)

The Box Talk of Cat was held at Le Petit Souffle at Century City Mall. :)

Aside from being an online influencer, Cat Antonio is also a mother, writer and stylist. She has a lot of roles and is the perfect person to discuss to us all about social media, because of all her experiences. She is surely savvy when it comes to Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Blogging. :)

I can say that I'm already quite knowledgeable when it comes to social media, because I think all online influencers have to be. Being in the blogging industry, it's not hard to learn all the "in" apps, because your fellow bloggers will surely enlighten you and influence you! ^_^ But it was nice though to hear from Cat Antonio how her accounts evolved and her IG feed before and now. :)

I can honestly say that my feed was certainly not IG-worthy when I started. I mixed so many filters with frames and they were so dark! >_< But like Cat mentioned during her talk "Nothing beats natural lighting." Which is basically, taking your photos during day time. It truly makes your pictures a whole lot better!

She also taught us flatlay and OOTD tips that she learned from Nigel Barker!


And of course, talking about social media and photos, Beyond the Box and Cat had a mini contest for all the guests that day - flatlay and OOTD!

Since my outfit wasn't really OOTD-ready or worthy, for that matter, I opted for the flatlay!

This is my entry....

..... And what really happens when you take flatlay photos... A little BTS! It isn't really that glamorous haha! But at least my photo looks good!:)

After our flatlays and OOTD photo-taking, we were all invited to go down to their store. 

Motivated to transform the mundane act of shopping into an experience that is filled with new discoveries and learning, Beyond the Box operates on two key principles. First, is that it seeks to inspire Filipinos through the use of technology in their daily lives. And second is that is aspires to help Filipinos turn their creative ideas into reality by providing them with the tools they need to achieve their goals.

The store has really a lot to offer and by using education as the means to achieve innovation, the tech savvy staff of Beyond the Box provides customers with tutorials on both the fun and the fundamental features of their devices, in the hopes of making technology unintimidating and accessible to all, one Box Talk at a time.

The courteous staff of Beyond the Box giving us a brief tutorial :)

The winners of the OOTD and Flatlay contest was Cher and Mommy Shen respectively. :) Congratulations!! Well-deserved!

I really had fun and learned quite a few things from the Box Talk. Hoping that Beyond the Box has more series of this workshop in the future!:)

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