Celebrating good times

by - October 05, 2015

The new week is upon us and lets face it, sometimes work pile up, our boss gives us a little sermon here and there, deadlines to meet and you just want to rip your hair out from all the stress. But do know that's it's not the end of the world. Once you get out of that office or school, there's always something good to look forward to and that's celebrating good times with your friends and family. :)

And what better place to celebrate than Shakey's! :)

There are two new and exciting cocktail additions to the Shakey's restaurant bar: the Shakey's Mojito and the Frozen Margarita!:)

The Shakey's Mojito is a refreshing blend of soda and white rum made even more soothing with crushed mint leaves and cucumber, the best kind of cocktail to run to after a long day's work. The Frozen Margarita is Shakey's interpretation of the world's favorite tropical cocktail. It is a sweet and tangy blue lemonade crush, spiked with a dose of premium tequila, perfect for any big or small celebration. If you're looking for a fun time, or just another way to relax with family and friends, then head on over to Shakey's to get a taste of their deliciously refreshing new cocktails.

And while you're on your happy hour with friends, pair your cocktails with the new spiced Chicken 'n' Mojos! Adding a novel twist to its awesome twosome Chicken 'n' Mojos combination, Shakey's decides to shake things up by injecting some spice into the inseparable pair. :)

Now with these new treats from Shakey's, I think it's safe to say that the new week would be so much better!:)



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