City Limitless

by - October 29, 2015

Herschel has been a brand that most people my age have come to love. Their bags are durable and have really great style. But Herschel has become more than just great bags. 

Last October 22 at A Space Manila, Herschel's very own co-founder and managing director Lyndon Cormack flew to Manila to personally introduce the #CityLimitless campaign in celebration of our cities' shape, sights and vibes. Lyndon Cormack artfully shared his travel experiences and showcased his photos taken from iconic places in Manila.

AJ Dee talking to Lyndon Cormack :)

Alongside Lyndon Cormack were three local progressive photographers and notable instagrammers Jelito de Leon, Marvin Conanan and Aaron Quinto whose works of art have also been put on view. Manila's inimitable charm showed in each of their photos, which emphasized exquisite details that captured the city's underestimated, yet undeniable beauty.

The event was an artistic expression and perfect example of Herschel Supply Co.'s fine regard for detail. Each participant was reminded that if you look well enough, you'll find hidden gems wherever you might be.

And today, almost everybody owns a mobile camera phone. With it, people take pictures of almost everything and anything. Now, we can take amazing photos just by using our phones and upload it on social media. I myself have been wowed with the many awesome snaps I see on Instagram. It even shocks me that they can capture something so intense and only using the square feature of IG.

 Introduced in early 2015 as #CityLimitless on Instagram, the global community has embraced the tag-populating it with myriad images as diverse and inspiring as the cityscapes they depict. It now lives as a content series on the Herschel Supply Co. blog and features dynamic cityscapes from places such as Tokyo, Rome, and New York. The hashtag #CityLimitless has successfully established itself in the Instagram community with over 90,000 photos tagged in less than a year since its conception.

To make it even more fun, why don't you join in the #CityLimitless hashtag as well and take photos of your beautiful Philippines!

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  1. So sad I missed this event! But wow, Herschel never fails. Ganda!


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