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by - October 16, 2015

When December is about to approach it means many things for people and for coffee junkies like me, we know that the journals and planners from different coffee shops start to come out around this time of the year and to be honest, I'm still have that excitement in me when I get a new journal. :)

Last year, I actually got myself a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 'Giving Journal' 2015 Journal in purple. It was my very first CBTL Journal, but it was too pretty that my Mom wanted dibs on it, so I gave it to her as an added Christmas present. :) For 2016 though, I'm excited for my new planner, because not only are the CBTL 2016 planners beautiful, they also entail a lovely gift of giving back to others. :)

And like the 2014 Holiday Launch that was filled with artsy activities, this 2015 offered so much arts and crafts - Watercolor by Alessandra Lanot, Paper-Cutting by Karl Presentacion, Calligraphy by Ink Scribbler and Hand-Lettering by Abby Sy. :)

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf hopes to give flavorfully this season in ways that warm the soul as much as the body. As a way to encourage its community to brew their best years, CBTL will be releasing a new edition of the The Giving Journal. It is a journal designed to inspire each individual to pursue their passions and find meaning and fulfillment in everyday moments, while at the same time providing them with the opportunities to give back by helping others.

It is the tradition of The CBTL to give back to the community, and it has partnered with Real LIFE foundation, the Giving Journal's beneficiary, to fulfill this tradition by supporting the educational needs of the less fortunate. To date, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has already sponsored 38 university scholars since 2011 - giving them the chance to fulfill their dreams, help their families, and improve their prospects for a brighter future. Evidently, The Giving Journal is certainly not your ordinary planner; it is a gift where the joy of giving and receiving it lasts well past the holiday season.

So, while you're enjoying your coffee and writing on your CBTL 2016 planner, do know that you're helping CBTL achieve its dream of helping others accomplish their dream of finishing their studies. :)

This is something I've come to admire about CBTL over the years. We actually had the chance to even meet one of their scholars during the Holiday launch last year. It goes to show that CBTL isn't just about good coffee and food, but also good at giving back.

The CBTL Journals come in four colors: Orange, Baby Blue, Violet and Brown. :) But my top two favorite would have to be the Violet+Green strap and Baby Blue + Purple Strap. :)  How about you? Which one would you get with your Holiday drink?

And speaking of Holiday drink, in the spirit of the merriest season, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has taken upon itself the mission to spread joy in all forms, giving flavor, one cup at a time.

This Christmas, it is offering its customers two special holiday flavors that make the perfect companions for celebrating the holidays. Each drink comes in two variations: an iced drink, and a warm latte. Fans with a sweet tooth will be happy to try the Toffee Nut flavor, which is a new addition to the menu. Inspired by traditional holiday confections, its flavor comprises of a buttery caramelized sugar with a hint of nut, paired with the richness of espresso and a sprinkle of toffee bits. In the Winter Dream Tea, a drink that has come to be anticipated and loved by the cafe's patrons, rooibos and black tea are blended with sweet spices and hints of Vanilla - a beverage that is truly what holiday dreams are made of.

For the artsy part of the afternoon, I managed to do watercolor and paper-cutting. I was late, so only got to do two.. huhu! :((

Krissy and Sadness over at Karl's paper-cutting table. :) Sadness is sad cos she also wants to do paper-cutting! Awww!

With the man himself - Karl Presentacion! Super love his paper-cutting skills! He only started doing this last year, guys! Nahiya naman ako! >_< Haha! 

 And my finished work at Alessandra Lanot's watercolor session. :) I still have a lot to learn!

Can you guess what color of the Giving Journal did I take home with me? :) Find out on my Instagram! Will post it there ---- > 

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is a brand that never forgets its roots. It gives back in every way it can, not limiting itself to its partners, but also to numerous organizations that support those in need.

How about you? How will you brew your best year? :) Don't forget to Give Flavorfully!

For updates regarding the planner release date and more, visit CBTL:


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  1. Would love to try paper cutting, too!

  2. So sad I missed this, but I'll drop by my favorite CBTL next time to check these planners.. Ang ganda ng mga colors for this batch :)

  3. Oh wow! You were able to attend that! I wanted to try all of the workshops! :((


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