Kids Rumble Yard!

by - October 10, 2015

Nothing excites me more than dressing up my kids they way I do! That's why when I first found out I was pregnant, I really prayed hard that it would be a girl. But God blessed me with a boy. Come my second, both my husband and I prayed for a girl. Alas, my womb is only meant for boys! haha! Now, I have two healthy boys and I couldn't be happier. The selection for kids now isn't limited, so picking styles for my mini-me isn't so hard anymore. :)

Especially with Res | Toe | Run, a multi-brand footwear store with a unique "restaurant" concept. The store is a refreshing retail destination which serves up a mouthwatering array of the latest casual footwear brands from all over the world. 

This month, Res | Toe | Run Kids Rumble Yard officially launches the store's kids category.

Held at the Activity Center of Robinsons Magnolia this October 10-11, 2015, the Rumble Yard is a two-day long playground-themed event for kids of all ages where they can see latest kids brands available in-store through family-bonding activities. :)

Here are some of the cool things you can enjoy if you go tomorrow!


Res | Toe | Run's kids brands set up fun and exciting booths for boys and girls to explore, create and enjoy at the Rumble Yard - there's nail art, puzzles, face-painting section, faux pas booth where girls can make their own tea party fascinator, X-Box consoles, and other buzz games. :) I'm sure your kids would have a grand time!

After looking at the different booths below, I went to the 2nd level of Robinsons Magnolia to get a peek at the Res | Toe | Run store.

More than just a go-to shoe store for the latest hard-to-find footwear selections, Res | Toe | Run seeks to offer the widest array of shoes for each member of the family. With its Kids collection in tow, the brand plates up a delectable footwear menu for just about everyone.

And since Christmas is getting closer, they have a special promo up!

Super love the cute kitchen or restaurant-feel decors! :)

If you purchase any kids shoes from their store, you get 20% off on adult footwear! Not only that, if you take a photo from their photo booth and post it on their board, you can get 20% off on kids shoes! Win-win situation right here!:)

How can you not fall in love with these cute pairs that you can match with your kids! 

It was unfortunate that I couldn't bring the boys with me, because I came from school earlier. Thankfully I'm familiar with their size! But look at the little cutie above who is apparently well trained at shopping! She knows what she wants and getting it! ^_^

Aside from the many cute shoes around me, I couldn't help but notice this little corner...

I really appreciate brands who make it so much easier for moms like me to shop! It's difficult to have a hyper toddler around when shopping. I can barely look at anything! But when there are toys such as this around, I wouldn't even have to say anything. They'll just play and Mommy can can around the store freely!:)

Even if the little ones weren't around, I just had to pick out something! These are my choices from one of the brands that Res | Toe | Run carries - PEOPLE. :) Super cute and comfy! This is something that my kids and I would definitely love wearing all day!

Res | Toe | Run us the country's first and only restaurant-inspired multi-brand shoe shop: a Shoetopia for Shoeaholics, designed to satisfy one's infinite appetite for shoes. :)

Don't forget! Tomorrow is the last day for the Kids Rumble Yard! Don't miss out!:)


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