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by - October 23, 2015

A country that is plagued by the breast cancer scare, the Philippines and the Filipinas themselves should be at the front and center in the fight against the disease. Indeed, breast cancer is so common that 1 in every 13 Filipino women will suffer from the disease in her lifetime. The Philippines now ranks 9th highest incidence rates of breast cancer.

Yet, the other sad thing about the women who encounter breast cancer are not only battling this horrible illness, but they are also faced with dealing emotional stress and thoughts that they are alone in this battle. But that should not be the case. We all can do our part in helping. :)

Last October 16, in line with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, SM Woman and Sabina, Thai trusted lingerie brand, launched the well-received Sewing Cup, Sewing Heart campaign in the country. 

During the event, Sabina distributed 250 Sewing Cup Kits for all the participants. A kit basically includes synthetic sheets, a finished bag, a plastic LLDPE beads bag and a cone of thread and needle.

The main objective of the Sewing Cup, Sewing Heart campaign that started in Thailand 8 years ago is very simple. Donating money to the cancer patient is easy; donating willingness is another story. Sabina wants to be a vehicle wherein customers may participate in doing something out of their good hearts for the breast cancer survivors. The sewn cups will be donated to the breast cancer survivors who don't know how to go back to their normal life after a mastectomy.

During the event, each guest was given a Sewing Cup, Sewing Heart kit and they happily sewed away and so much kits were made that day!

This was already the third bag being filled. The others were already full! ^_^

Inspired by how a sewn cup can transform the life of a breast cancer patient, just recently, Sabina launched its first Asian-made bra line that is specifically designed for the breast cancer survivors. Survivors, who have undergone a surgery, will mostly benefit from the Fill Up Bra collection. Specifically, those who undergone a partial mastectomy who lose the body balance. A sewn cup can easily resolve this issue.

The sewn cups can be used on Sabina's Fill Up Bras specifically for 34B, 34C, 36B, and 36C bras.

In the event, the Sewn cups will be donated to the ICanServe Foundation for the use of breast cancer survivors. The Foundation assists breast cancer supports groups in different parts of the country such as Baguio City, Olongapo City, Quezon City, Pasig City and Muntinlupa City.

Some supports of Breast Cancer Awareness :)

Sabina Sewing Kits will be given away to participants for free together with a Php 100 voucher. Participants can use the voucher in purchasing regular Sabina items from Sabina counters on both SM Makati and SM Bacoor branches till November 30. Notably, Sabina will open more branches in select SM stores in the metro and nearby provinces in the coming months.

Let's all do our part in helping our fellow Filipinas in gaining back what they've lost and let them see that life is still wonderful. :) There is hope!:)

For more information about Sabina and SM Woman, you may visit them at:


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  1. Asher looks SO CUTE peeking behind you HAHA <3

  2. I lost my mom to cancer, but when we were still in the fight against it, initiatives/programs like this were of big help in her coping up/recovery from treatments. I commend Sabina for spearheading something like this. I hope they serve as an example to others. Would love to have been part of this event! <3 Alex //


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