The Common Room

by - October 25, 2015

If there is a certain kind of place that I'd want to have more around, undeniably and no questions asked, it would be quirky coffee shops, quaint bookstores and art stores. We have quite a few already, but I somewhat want more. I could spend my days and hours just being in those shops and how I wish every where I turned they would be present. Thankfully, at Taft where I go to school, there are some. :)

I'm a full green spirit when it comes to Universities. But when I discovered this really cool art store a few weeks ago, I wish I went to school at Katipunan because of it - The Common Room.

The Common Room is the brainchild of the owners of Pop Junk Love. They're two sisters who love doing DIY projects that turned out to be really successful. Now, they have this really cool store where makers gather and sells their works. :)

I am seriously in love with their store, because they have all the local artists that I adore right now and in past years. 

Below are the super adorable plushy that they made all by hand. :) They do giveaways, so if you're eyeing on having mini dolls made for birthdays or weddings, they can do it!

The main reason why I was actually at the store was because I had to pick up the Sunday Paper notebooks of my students. The brand is a consignee there so it was the best place to pick it up. They ordered bulk there (44 pieces), so someone had to pick it up for them and I gladly volunteered since I really wanted to visit Common Room. :)

 If I had one million pesos, I would want to spend it here, please! Take all my money!! >_< haha! But since I'm not a millionaire, I just managed to spend on a few cool things - for one this awesome stickers by Couch. They are not your typical stickies and the brand is so witty that they placed a 'Not For Kids' sign for the stickers that may be too mature for some folks. ;) I got the 90s themed one!

I also love Ella Lama's stuff. I wasn't able to purchase anything that day from her, but I'm coming back again for the Pin of the Month! ^_^ 

The new Star Wars sequel is coming on December, so I just needed to get myself a Storm Trooper fairy magnet from Habil Crafts. I actually wanted one when I went to Block Party last March. Finally got it! Yey! 

I was also tempted to get these cute comic strip wallets! But I just got myself a watermelon coin purse from Typo the same week, so I had to skip. But aren't they the coolest?? :)

Aside from being an already amazing art store, they also hold workshops there! The schedule for this Month are below! Feel free to check them out and who knows, you might be interested in a workshop or two. :)

And Calligraphy and Hand-Lettering is such a huge trend nowadays - They have the works of Ella Lama, Geli Balcruz and Anina Rubio hanged up in the shop!:)

The Common Room is definitely every artists dream place!:) You will surely love it there! I practically stayed there for 30 minutes! And that's long for someone who was just suppose to pick up notebooks! ^_^ I can't wait to be back there!

You can find the Common Room at:

#325 Dela Rosa St. Katipunan Avenue


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