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by - November 05, 2015

Being raised in a household that is filled with Chinese traditions, it cannot be helped that one of them would be eating in Chinese restaurants when we're out with my grandparents. I remember doing that almost every month when we would have family gatherings. My grandparents have a strong love for Chinese food -given that they are Chinese and we've probably eaten in all Chinese restaurants available in Metro Manila! No kidding! We love trying out new places. :)

A few months ago, I treated my grandmother and kids to a new Chinese resto that she hasn't been to before and that was Modern Shanghai. She loved the food so much and so did the kids and I. So when I got invited to a food tasting last Tuesday at their SM MoA branch, I happily said "YES!" ^_^ How can I resist?

Modern Shanghai at SM MoA is very spacious and I love the modern Chinese ambiance that they have - doesn't hurt that they have great lighting too! The place is perfect for big family lunches or dinner. :)

And speaking of big family, Modern Shanghai is they've recently launched Shanghainese dishes to share with family and friends at pocket-friendly prices. The restaurant gathered some of its most sought after dishes and put them together under "Shanghai Favorites" - available on weekdays until 5:00 PM and "Tea Time Specials" - which can be enjoyed from 3:00-6:00 PM during weekdays.


The Shanghai Favorites has Set A to D. The first two sets are good for 2-3 persons, while the rest can be shared by 3-4 persons. 

An example would be Set 1: it includes the signature Shanghai Fried Noodles and Deep-fried Squid with Spicy Salt and Pepper ( a personal favorite of mine!). If you would rather have a chicken and vegetable combination, then Set 2 is for you - Sweet and Sour Chicken, spiced up with Sauteed String Beans with Minced Pork & Chili. Most of the sets have common items in them.

Whether you're having Set A, B, C or D, it already includes the restaurant's signature Xiao long Bao and Egg Rice. :)


The "Tea Time Sets" is something I consider really worth your buck, especially if you're working, because it's only Php 298 per set and you already get delectable dimsum and noodles that can either pass for a late lunch, snack or an early dinner. You can leave the office and have a break here with your workmates or maybe a dinner date with your significant other? :)

 And of course, the fun part is eating Xiao long Bao all afternoon! We were also taught the right way to eat a Xiao long Bao - dip the Xiao long Bao in Chinese black vinegar, bite a bit off the top to release the steam and put a little ginger inside and eat it!:) Yum! Did you know their Xiao long Bao is an award-winning dish cited by as "The Best Xiao Long Bao." :)

Just writing this entry is making me want Xiao Long Bao! >_<

Modern Shanghai is certainly best enjoyed in the company of family and friends. :) Be sure to visit them soon!

Modern Shanghai branches located in

3rd Floor Glorietta 2 and 2nd Floor North Veranda, SM Mall of Asia

You can also visit their sites for updates!

Twitter and Instagram: @modernshanghai


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