Sarap to the bones at 70!

by - November 09, 2015

The house that fried chicken built turned 70 last October. 

Amazing how Max's has come this far. I remember when I was growing up, it was one of our go-to restaurants when going out or if there was any big occasion and the craving was Filipino food. It was the best place to go to. Of course, what do we always order? Their perfectly seasoned, satisfyingly crispy, and delightfully comforting famous chicken. :) 

Now, Max's is 70 years old! Happy Birthday!!!

With Pauly, Ana and Rowena :)

For their 70th year, Max's prepared a special birthday party/event for all their loyal supporters to enjoy at the first ever Max's resto at Scout Tuazon, Quezon City. :)

Not just anybody can cook chicken in the deeply authentic and Filipino way Max's Restaurant does. Max's fried chicken is a dish made with love through a recipe that has passed through careful hands across generations, and is suspected to comprise much more than secret seasonings and undiscovered cooking techniques.

"Our goal is to carry this over to all of our stores. They say that the chicken at our original branch tastes better, so it is a priority for us to replicate this experience of excellence in each restaurant." - Jim Fuentabella (Vice President of Corporate Marketing)

But Max's is not only known for their fried chicken. It also includes Nanay Ruby's famous Sinigang, the Kare Kare and the Buko Pandan to name a few, all key elements to their successful and long lasting menu. All hallmark of genuine Filipino culinary tradition that dates back to 1945! Max's Restaurant is a place of comfort that is every Filipino's home away from home.

Some of the memorabilia that were displayed during the Max's party. :) I especially loved the 1950s menu! I envy my grandparents for being able to experience eating chicken for only Php 5.00 and that's a whole fried chicken already! ^_^

Enjoyed a super delicious buffet dinner filled with my Max's favorites!

Max's has truly been a heartwarming and generous kind of restaurant. There was a time that David Fuentabella went to their Manila branch and gave everyone there a free lunch to celebrate their 70th birthday and they also have the Chicken All-You-Can promo, which I'm sure some of you guys have availed. :) 

Today, it is believed that the key to Max's Restaurant's longstanding success is that it was built through the years with the pure intent to be a thoughtful host. 

Members of the board of Max's group :)

"Max's is in our blood. The personal connection we have with the brand is what drives us forward, and is what inspires us to cascade the guest-host relationship to all of our branches. Generosity and hospitality, which are virtues my lola lived, are messages we want to communicate on all levels" -Jim Fuentabella

Time truly flies when the stomach is satisfied. This year, Max's Restaurant is celebrating 70 years of delightful restaurant service that has managed to grow from a simple home cooking cafe to a successful international restaurant chain. A 70 year career in the competitive food industry is certainly something noteworthy and a definite cause for celebration. 

I'm sure Nanay Ruby and the restaurant's found Maximo Gimenez would be so proud if they were around. :) Kudos to Max's and it's long heritage! Happy Birthday and may you always be Sarap to the bones! ;)


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  1. Max's is an icon na. I even had my debut there... And my sister also had hers there. Hahaha! Can't believe their that old na. :D



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