Christmas wish list 2015!

by - December 23, 2015

I seriously can't believe that we only have two days left till Christmas! I keep telling my friends and family how fast this year feels for me. It's just breezing by and I think this is my busiest year yet! Last year, by this time, I have nothing to blog about anymore and I actually have to come up with ways to liven up my blog. But now, I have backlogs and pending projects to deal with. I'm also out with my family almost everyday, so it's also difficult to do everything. But what can we do? Tis the season of busy schedules! I just hope I can catch up with my work ASAP! >_<

Anyhoo, another thing that I wasn't able to do at the start of December is my Christmas Wish List. I do this every year, so to have it pushed back just two days left before Christmas means that I really have no time! Ack! :(( But I'm trying now! 

I find myself so blessed that almost all the major things that I want on my wish list has been granted ahead of Christmas. I'll post at the latter part of my entry what those items are. For now, here is my current wish list for Christmas 2015!

1. CLAIRE'S x KATY PERRY Cadillac iPhone 5/5s case
Available at Claire's GLORIETTA 5 :)

This is the cutest case every! The headlights really light up! ^_^ If you know me well enough, you would understand my obsession with phone cases! Haha!


Available at Big Boys Toy store at GLORIETTA :)

I really wish they have Rainbow Unicorn here in Manila already, but sadly I think it's not yet available. Nevertheless, I still love it and wish for it! Cogsworth and Wall-E are still on my wish list! 


This may seem so kiddy, but I saw this at Toy Kingdom and found it so cute! How can I not like it?? It's a cactus!! ^_^ 


Parfois can be found at Glorietta 4 or SM Megamall ^_^

I would super love any of these Parfois bags! Especially the ones with the TASSELS and ZEBRA STRAPS! I  really love Parfois handbags. They're sturdy, stylish and inexpensive. :) This would be of great use to me, because I can use it everyday and I'm sure all my stuff would fit in it. A nice everyday bag. :) 

Well, that's all folks!:) The stuff I currently want for this year's Christmas!:)

As for the ones I already got, here they are....

A Time Teller Nixon Watch in rose gold and a Vintage Rose strap for my Apple Watch. :) Thank you so much to my Mom for these awesome gifts! Love them to bits!

And this super cute Mrs. Potts and Chip Funko Pop!:) I've been wanting this since I started collecting Funko's this year. :) Thank you to my thoughtful Hubby for remembering. ^_^ 

So yes, I'm not expecting all my wishes to come true, but I just enjoy doing this wish list thing every Christmas and my birthday. :) I'm still not forgetting that Christmas is about family and LOVE. Gifts are just symbols and it is always the thought the counts and the effort that person made to make you happy this Holiday season. :)

How about you? What's on your Christmas Wish list? :) I'd love to know on the comment box!


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