Sarah G Popsters!

by - December 04, 2015

When it comes to games, I think I would have to say that both my sons are addicted to it. They could play almost any games on their iPads and more often than not, they know more than I do! But I won't deny that I'm also quite addicted to games. I especially love puzzle and saga types. So, when I heard about Xeleb's newest game called SARAH G Popsters, I knew it was a new game I would get hooked on. :)

Sarah Geronimo is known for her amazing singing voice and I must admit that I admire that about her. :) She's one talented lady. She also is very close to her fans and now, she has a new way of connecting with all of us who adore her - "Sarah G Popsters," her first mobile game. :)

The game is developed in partnership with Xeleb Inc., the Philippines' first celebrity mobile games company.

The launch was held at the Mind Museum and the place was just filled with so much balloons and it resembled the game so much! It makes you wanna pop them too! hihihi! ^_^ Of course, I couldn't help but pose with the mic and feel like Sarah G just for that moment! Libre mangarap! =P

We were welcomed by Xeleb CEO, Raymond Racaza and Isabelle Daza, who also recently launched her own game called "Trip Ni Belle." :) 

"Sarah G Popsters lets Sarah's fans follow her on a concert tour. Popsters unlock new Sarah songs as they level-up."- Raymond Racaza

The game is basically eliminating the bubbles by matching them with the same colors. At the launch, we also got to try the game ourselves and the highest scorer would get an Apple Watch as a prize!:)

I initially didn't feel confident that I was going to win, but the gamer in me wanted to try the new game, so I gave it a go!

That's me holding the tablet and ready to game-on! :) I eventually ended with a 47,567 score, if I remember correctly. 

And a night of her game launch wouldn't be complete without a full performance by Sarah Geronimo herself! May I just say that this girl is a triple threat! Even without backup dancers, I didn't mind, because she gave us her all and it seemed so effortless for her! Definitely the Pop Princess!


This is my first Xeleb event and I hope they actually create more and more celebrity games!:) I find it super fun! Hoping next time maybe celebrities like Marian Rivera can have game... something mommy related since she's a mom now! ;)

Finally before the night ended, they announced the highest scorer that night!

Thank you to mother Jackie Go for the video! Haha! I really didn't want to expect that I'd win, because I'm not really lucky with giveaways! It's rare that I win and there were so many people who played that night. Just goes to show that I'm a game addict! Lol! >_< Hahaha!

Super thank you also to my ever supportive blog friends Ana and Ruth for the photos and capturing this once in a lifetime achievemt! ^_^ Hahaha!

 As you can see, I was the highest scorer and no doubt that the game was fun!:) 

Sarah G Popsters is available for download on Google Play! So if you want a new game to play with, try it out! But I warn you, you might get hooked!

Visit Xeleb on Facebook for updates and to know more about their other games:


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