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by - March 02, 2016

Growing up, I would often see my grandparents use a lot of soy sauce when they cook and I can tell you, without any bias that my grandparents are really great cooks! Something that I missed about my grandfather when he passed away three years ago. But thankfully, my grandmother is still around cooking the same dishes he used to. :) I myself started learning how to cook when I got married. Though, I still yet have so many things to learn as I go. I cook curry, pasta and veggie dishes often, but what I'm hoping to learn is what my grandmother cooks. :)

A staple soy sauce in our kitchen is none other than Kikkoman. We have trusted the brand for years and it has always been a must-buy in the grocery once it runs out. So, when I got invited to attend a cooking class at 25 Mushrooms Kitchen with Kikkoman, I certainly had to go! Even if I had a bazaar to man that day, I made sure I wasn't going to miss this event. :)

My favorite cuisine of all time is Italian and Japanese, but to be honest, I haven't had the chance to cook any Japanese dishes at home. As a fan, I really want to recreate my favorite dishes from famous restaurants. Fortunate that I got the opportunity to attend Oriental Journey: Beginnings, an introductory class to oriental cuisine

The first lesson we had for the day was how to make our very own California Maki! I scared at first to do this, because I thought I would fail miserably and might hate sushi forever! But with the our amazing teacher, I survived and made my very own California Maki! Wuhooo! ^_^

Achievement unlocked! Now, I think I may not have the need to buy these babies at restaurants anymore, because I can easily whip them up at home. :)

For this event, my fellow classmates a.k.a. people who made it seem like we were live on a cooking channel were Kelly, Arnie, Paul and Sarah

They definitely made the cooking class a whole lot more fun! :)

Before I show you the other dishes we cooked, I actually picked up some very interesting tidbits on Kikkoman and how else I can cook better...

Initially, the majority would think that soy sauce is typically used as a dipping sauce, but truly it's so much more. Just like Kikkoman, a versatile ingredient that's not just for dipping, but also best used for cooking. It actually brings out the authentic oriental flavor of each dish, because it's naturally-brewed and made with the highest quality that dates back as far as 1700s. :) 

Understanding the ingredients you use is one of the keys to better cooking. 

Now, back to our cooking class!

Next up, we made something a bit more challenging - Chicken Teriyaki! The tough part of this was having to debone the chicken ourselves. There are already ready-to-buy boneless chicken in the grocery, but the reason why chef wanted us to learn is because we get a much bigger portion of the chicken.

For this, I more of watched how Kelly and Arnie did it and was basically their assistant! :) Super lookup to these two for doing such an amazing job! Teamwork goals! Incase you want to learn this too, posted the step-by-step recipe. As you can see, Kikkoman Teriyaki is used as a marinade and sauce for this. :)

My favorite dish is up next - Japanese Fried Rice! Yum! Naturally-brewed soy sauce doesn't simply add salt and color; it can actually add and enhance flavors.

Sautéing is serious business, folks!

I never imagined I would be able to cook Japanese Fried Rice and it was AWESOME! Kikkoman added great flavor to it that just keeps you wanting to eat more. It made an amateur like me feel like a true sensei in the kitchen! ^_^ Lastly, we also cooked Gyudon!

The three dishes that I cooked/made during the class! I'm positively proud of these!

I really learned a lot from this cooking class care of Kikkoman and 25 Mushrooms Kitchen. I never knew I would learn so much! :) I'm now more excited to learn more dishes with my new Kikkoman-powered skills! 

You, too, can share on Instagram the restaurant dishes you cooked at home using Kikkoman through the hashtag #CookedWithKikkoman. You can get the chance to win cooking classes at 25 Mushrooms Kitchen when you share your dishes on Social Media. :)

You can visit to get more recipes and to know more about Kikkoman's heritage. 

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  1. Philippine market is dominated by Datu Puti and Silver Swan so I guess hosting an event is a good move for Kikkoman.

    We haven't tried Kikkoman yet. Maybe Mrs. Ahab will like to give this soy sauce a try.


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