My Ensogo top picks!

by - March 18, 2016

Summer is my favorite season forever and I enjoy dressing up and shopping during this time. Went to visit today and spotted some cute accessories!

Online stores are great during this time for me, because I can easily shop my heart out at the comforts of my home and just wait for it to arrive. :) Here are my ENSOGO top picks!

1. TW Steel Watch - a gold boyfriend watch is something that every girl should have. It's classic and timeless! You can also wear it with almost every outfit! :)

2. Small orange bag - cute bag to tote along your summer adventures!

3. Sunglasses - A pair of sunnies can always spruce up an outfit! Not to mention, a staple during summer. :)

4. Clinique Happy Perfume - A spritz of summer bliss!

5. Tory Burch flats - perfect with shorts and dresses! something I can wear all day and everyday!

They also have an ongoing sale you might want to see: :)

You can also visit for more updates!

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