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by - March 26, 2016

Ever since I got into Instagram, I often get asked the question, "What app do you use?" :) It's a question that I don't get to answer a lot and since I've been seeing my favorite YouTube Vloggers talk about the Apps they use on their phone, I thought why not do it on my blog! ^_^

So, finally, to answer your question! Here are some of the apps I use to edit my Instagram photos.

I joined Instagram around 2013 and boy! My feed was hideous! I used blurry photos and randomly picked filters. It wasn't at its best state! I often wondered what was I thinking?? But those photos are still on my Instagram, because they still are good memories. :) But when I started getting OC with how my feed looked, that's when I went for apps. :)

I went and still go through different Apps and so far this is what I use on my phone...

Some are collage makers, overlaying of photos and others are stickers. :)

But the very first app ever I used to edit my photos was Afterlight. :)

They have a lot of filters to offer here if you don't like the typical ones available on Instagram itself. I personally don't use Instagram filters, so this is a good alternative. They also have the polaroid effect that every Instagrammer has been going for lately. :)

The next one I fell in love with and used longer than Afterlight is VSCO. :)

This app also offers plenty of filters that you can choose from and adjust according to your liking. :) 

Above are past edited photos on my VSCO library. You may remember them if you've been following me for a while now. :)

Last, but not the least is what I currently use - Instagram itself! Yes, folks, I haven't been using any other app to edit majority of my photos than IG. :)

Though, there are a lot of filters to choose from as well, I don't use those. 

I manually edit them by using the tools available on Instagram. :) I'm more used to it and I like that I can adjust the brightness, contrast and warmth.

Below are some of the current photos I have on my feed that I edited by just using Instagram tools.

That's it! :) I hope I was able to answer some of the questions! :)

Wishing you all a solemn Saturday!

Artsy Ava

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  1. I'm still waiting for the Android version of Color Story. I heard the filters are great. :)

    1. Yes love their filters!! Especially the colored ones :)

  2. OHH!!! Interesting!! Been looking for new photo-editing apps to download! Shall try this! :D


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