Morellato 2016 collection: Hope Springs

by - April 03, 2016

Morellato has been a favorite of mine when it comes to buying charms for my bracelet. They have the cutest designs and pieces that are beautiful and timeless. :) 

This spring heralds a new palette of vibrant colors and shapes, and the new collection by Morellato imbibes the renewed energy and creativity of the season.

I got a glimpse of their latest collection at my recent visit to their Shangri-La store. :) 

See the world through beautiful, stylish pieces that add glitter and glam to your everyday life and ensembles.


Each piece from the Essenza collection becomes an essential piece of your wardrobe. Small and large circles are combined to create soft overlapping effects and sophisticated silhouettes. Bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings in rhodium-plated silver are available in single or two-tone versions. Another version is offered with a sapphire-color stone surrounded by a pavé of contrasting crystals that light up the movements of those wearing them.


In the new Fior De Cielo collection, flowers take center stage, in soft but sculpted forms that resemble engravings stolen from nature itself. Pendants, earrings and bracelets feature flower petals that are reduced as they move inwards, creating unusual thickness and asymmetrical depth. The color of the sky is found in the middle stone, proposed with an irregular, ultra shiny cut.


The pieces from the Tenerezze collection feature an easy-trendy style, with necklaces and bracelets enhanced with small star-shaped charms, starfish and flowers, embellished with small points of light in the middle. The bracelet and necklace variant with small rounded hearts is of note, allowing style to be found through personal feelings.


The fluid lines of the collection spell a timeless style that brings the elegance of the 1930s to contemporary times. Delicate ribbons of silver with zircon stones and crystals just add that perfect touch of shimmer that's not too distracting. Reflect a little shone that will lead you into your own spotlight.


As a stand-alone pendant or tethered together into a ultra-chic bracelet, the charms of Solomia tell your unique stories. Remember milestones with especially crafted pieces that you can gift to yourself and/or loved ones. Choose from an array of silver, gold and zirconium designs embedded with small crystals and precious stones.


Sunray dials tinged with pastel hues appear in the new Drops Watch Spring-Summer collection. Slip knots are used to fasten watches to the wrist, creating an effect as ultra glam as it is functional. The heart-shaped charms are new. The items with crystals in a wide range of colors matching the details on the watches are also dazzling.

Charms for alternating with small pendants enhance the new Drops bracelets, which borrow the colors of Spring. The symbols are combined with one another to celebrate feelings and remember the emotions dearest to our hearts.

The hearts become all-pink, the flower petals are embellished with crystals, kids and baby animals are teamed with the drops, with words or the colored sphere.

I personally love collecting charms that remind of the significant things or people in my life. :)


The his (Vela) and hers (Versilia) collection of watches delight both the fashion forward and style servants with more classic taste.

Since the 1990s, Morellato has taken pride in redefining the concept of everyday luxury, moving away from the ostentatious, and taking to heart the desire of an individual to wholly express himself through his fashion choices. Morellato's impressive watch range is a perfect reflection of the modern man and woman, sharing the same values of commitment, integrity, and excellence.

Of course, no girl can resist an amazing accessory. It's a girl's best friend! Loving Ashley's choice! Definitely a stunning and classy piece!

Also spotted something that I super covet! Wouldn't you agree that this is so beautiful?? I love it! Birthday gift anyone? Haha! =P Perfect for anyone who loves to travel and go on adventures!

More cute ones below...

For classy and stylish accessories, visit a Morellato branch near you. :) 

You can also visit for more information and updates!

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  1. They have such classy and yet cute pieces! Would like to check them out soon... Maybe make parinig to the fiance about pieces I'd want. LOL Haha!



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