Summer Art workshops!

by - April 12, 2016

When the end of March comes and the month of April enters the scene, we all know that our kids officially start their summer vacation and during these times they enjoy the much needed free time that they have. But of course with their free time, we can't let them just stare at the TV and their gadgets all day long. They still need something to enrich their learning and at the same time make summer productive!

This is where the many workshops you can enroll your kids comes along! ^_^

I remember enrolling Athan to his first ever workshop last year and it was the McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop and he enjoyed it so much! This year, I am hoping to enroll him and Asher to more workshops and fortunately, they had the chance to attend one last Thursday at Hobbes and Landes, Greenbelt 5. :)

The workshop they attended was called ART LAB by Little Luna where science and art collide! :) During the workshop they learned how to make their own goop, slime and clay with things you can find in the kitchen! This is super fun especially for the boys!

The teachers at the workshop are so hands-on and super nice! I love how they're so caring to the kids and they were actually able to make Asher sit still and not run around the shop despite Hobbes and Landes being filled with toys! >_< Athan and Asher were so focused on their experiments!

Teacher Sarah teaching the kids how to make clay! :) Super cool! 

Asher is so proud of his clay! He kept on chopping it, like he was in taekwondo class! Haha! 

The last part is the kids were able to make their own slime in their chosen colors and look how they're all so proud of it! ^_^ 

This workshop is awesome for kids who love doing science experiments and art! This is a really cool and colorful activity that your kids can learn a lot from. Aside from Art Lab, they also have Paint Like Picasso. This is another workshop I'd like my boys to try. :) They can learn painting techniques, like gradient and more. It can enhance their coloring skills and imagination!

Enrollment has already ended as stated in the poster, but walk-in participants (Php 750 per session) are highly encouraged for as long as there are slots left, so feel free to visit Hobbes and Landes in Greenbelt 5 this APRIL every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and Bonifacio High Street every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on MAY! :)

For more information and updates about the workshop, visit on Facebook! :)

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