Angry Birds Mcdo Happy Meal!

by - May 08, 2016

I've been seeing the Angry Birds trailer in the cinemas lately and it is so adorable! I also can't help but laugh at the main character! He seems to have anger issues! Haha! :) But what really got me interested with it is that I know how much my kids would love it! :)

Even better McDonald's has come up with Angry Birds Happy Meal!! ^_^

The kids were ecstatic when they saw this huge red egg on our table and kept wondering what was inside it. Of course I didn't tell them immediately, but since they love McDo Happy Meals, I get why their excited! :)

There are a total of 10 Angry Birds Happy Meal toys and we're so happy to get first dibs of the 5 they have! :) We got Cowboy Pig, Terence, Speedster Chuck, Stella and Red. :)

My eldest son Athan was the first one tried the Angry Birds toys out...

Some of them had catapult or shooting features just like the original game of Angry Birds and Athan wasn't able to estimate it and it actually almost hit his face! Oops!! >_< Good thing he was able to avoid it in time! But managed to capture this photo! Be careful, kids! Hehe!

My youngest son Asher was fascinated with the egg and kept opening and closing it!

My favorite out of all is Red because he lights up when you tilt the feathers on his head. ^_^

Angry Birds Happy Meal toys will officially be available on May 11, 2016! Watch out for that and collect all 10!

Thank you so much, McDonald's Philippines for these cute toys! My kids are so happy!

Visit them for more updates!
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  1. Your kids are so cute and nagulat ako that the egg is that big. Akala ko maliit lang from the first photo. Haha! It's been ages since I last bought a Happy Meal. I kinda want to ulit. Hehe. :)


    1. OMG! Oo nga I remember the small ones used for easter! >_< haha!


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