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by - May 05, 2016

Chocolate lovers and pleasure seekers in the Philippines are constantly on the hunt for the most intense, most gratifying chocolate experience. They are always in search of the next big thing when it comes to their favorite indulgence, and this summer, Magnum, the chocolate expert in ice cream, is giving them just that.

Continuing the tradition of creating decadent and indulgent offerings, Magnum introduces the NEW Magnum Infinity.

The new Magnum Infinity is intense chocolate pleasure that stays with you longer. Made with two times more cocoa than a Magnum Classic, the NEW Magnum Infinity delivers double the chocolate indulgence, for a rich, intense chocolate experience that lasts. Being mixed with a special and rare source of Tanzanian cocoa, it is surely the most chocolatey Magnum ever.

Basically, if you're into the bold type of chocolate flavor, this is the Magnum for you. :)

The launch was at Sub Zero Kitchen, BGC. 

At the launch, we got to taste seafood dishes by Chef Jordy Navarra that were Magnum inspired. Hence, it was mixed with chocolate. This was a bit scary for me since it's the first time I would be tasting seafood+chocolate together in a dish!

The first one was the appetizer - Cauliflower flan with sea urchin, coffee and chocolate. Now, I am not the biggest fan of sea urchin cos of the slimy taste for me. I had a bad experience with it before, so I try to avoid it. But with Chef Jordy's it wasn't bad at all! I enjoyed it and I liked it. Didn't really dig in with the sea urchin, but it was mixed, so just saying it didn't taste slimy. It was good. :)

Next up was this black wagyu with creamy potatoes, squid ink and black chocolate. It was also good. I didn't really taste the chocolate. It was more of a gravy taste to it. But definitely had bold flavors going on. :)

The part that I awaited the most and always have room for.... DESSERT!!!

Pax and I enjoying our Magnum Infinity!

The new Magnum Infinity flavors: Chocolate & Caramel, made with silky chocolate ice cream and a luscious sea salt caramel swirl; and Chocolate & Raspberry, made with decadent chocolate ice cream and a fruity raspberry swirl. Whatever flavor you choose, you're sure to get a rich treat dipped in intense thick cracking Belgian chocolate and Tanzanian cocoa nibs. :)

My personal favorite among the two is the Chocolate & Raspberry. I like that it has a sweet yet tangy flavor to it. :) 

An intense chocolate dessert with perfect pairings of caramel and raspberry, the NEW Magnum Infinity offers an indulgent ice cream and intense chocolate affair that will heighten your mood and set your senses into overdrive with its lasting, deep chocolate sensation.

Please seekers all over the metro should also watch out for the Magnum Infinity hunt, where lucky winners can get an early ticket to experience Magnum's new offerings in malls. Limited edition Magnum prizes will also be up for grabs.

For those seeking to be part of the hunt, simply visit the Magnum Infinity website at starting May 6, and hold the infinity bar to the end of the journey. Complete the hunt to unveil the various secret locations where the new Magnum Infinity flavors will be launched. Share your winning moment on Facebook and this will serve as your digital ticket to the Magnum Infinity launch on May 14. The first 200 to arrive at each of the locations will be able to indulge in the new Magnum Infinity and experience the interactive installations.

Magnum Infinity Caramel and Raspberry are now available in all leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. 


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