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by - May 07, 2016

I'm always on the lookout for new cute shoes. I don't know why the urge of buying new ones never stops! Haha! Maybe cos we all just have that natural attraction towards good pair of shoes, whether they be flats, heels or sneakers. We all have our favorites. As for me, I'm really into flats and sneakers lately. But since I've been getting a few sneakers this month, I decided to go for sandals this time around. :)

I went to the Manila Sundance Bazaar today and spotted a shoe brand called Muy Bien Bonita. :)

Muy Bien Bonita is the brainchild of Marta Buensalida and they are a startup shoe line that is proudly manufactured in the Philippines. They have a wide variety of shoe styles to choose from and at pocket-friendly prices. 

And Muy Bien Bonita actually means 'VERY PRETTY' so you are assured that you're wearing comfy yet stylish shoes. :)

I can see my blogger friend Pax wearing this white pair :)

They have sandals, loafers, flats and even heels for those who love wearing it to parties, events or even OOTD! Muy Bien Bonita has got you covered. :)

The booth was packed with people when I dropped by. Some were trying on a pair, while some were buying two pairs! :) I tried a few pairs on myself and it's really cute and comfy. :)

Below are my top three picks!

But clearly, me and even the girl beside me loves this crisscross sandals a.k.a. Estela design. :)  It's minimalist, clean and I can imagine myself wearing this everyday. 

It also doesn't hurt that they are having an ongoing sale at the bazaar! Two pairs for only Php 999! 

 It has been awhile since I got a pair of shoes in a bazaar and quite pleased with Muy Bien Bonita. :) BTW, they also customize shoes! Just visit their site to know more about it!

I can't wait to take my Estela out for a spin soon! Thank you, Muy Bien Bonita!

Catch them at the last day of Manila Sundance  Bazaar tomorrow at the World Trade Center!

For more information, visit

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