The Angry Birds at Mcdo!

by - May 19, 2016

Last Saturday, the boys and I headed over to Power Plant Mall for the special screening of The Angry Birds Movie care of McDonald's and the kids couldn't have been more excited! The waited the whole week for it! :)

The main reason why McDonald's had this screening is because The Angry Birds have landed in McDonald's with 10 new collectible Happy Meal toys!

There are 10 Angry Birds Happy Meal toys to collect while supplies last - Light-up Red, Speedster Chuck, Lasso Pig, and slingshot launchers featuring Red, Bomb, Stella, Terence, Leonard, Cowboy Pig, and Pilot Pig.

The newest Happy Meal toy collection features playful characters from 'The Angry Birds Movie' which gives a colorful back story to the biggest mobile game of all time. The movie started showing in cinemas last May 11, 2016. :)

Like the cool game, the movie and Happy Meal toys shows how the birds defeat the piggies by launching themselves at each other. You can see my kiddos playing with these >>HERE<< ^_^

Before entering the cinema, the boys got to experience how it is to play Angry Birds in real life and they got to shoot balls and Angry Birds stuffed toys at piggy cans! 

 And may I just say that my boys definitely have a future in shooting, because their aim was on point! Athan only had to do it thrice and he got all the cans down. While Asher did it only twice! Such a proud momma right here! I should put them in basketball summer camp soon! ;)

Movie time!!!

 No movie is ever complete without snacks and we had McDonald's food! The boys were beyond ecstatic cos McDo is one of their favorite fast food of all time! What kid doesn't??
May I just say that I love that McDo now has corn? Instead of fries you can switch it with corn! Yum!

The movie is definitely a cute and funny one for the kids. You should take them to watch it while it's still showing!

In addition to the Happy Meal's toys, McDonald's boosts the Angry Birds fun to where it all began, in a mobile gaming app. McDonald's customers can unlock an exclusive experience in the 'Angry Birds Action!' app by scanning a 'BirdCode' printed on the Happy Meal Box.

Wasn't able to take a photo of the BirdCode, but it's on the other side of the Happy Meal Box. :)

To activate the secret game in the 'Angry Birds Action!' app: simply open the app, click on the BirdCode-enabled icon, and scan the code. This brings the user to a mini-game with the mission to defend McDonald's from the green pigs. Players will be rewarded with free power-ups depending on their score. :)

The Angry Birds Movie also comes to life at McDonald's with three Angry Birds-themed desserts offered for a limited time, namely Red's Cotton Candy McFlurry, Piggies' Oreo Matcha McFlurry, and Bomb's Black Sesame McDip

McDonald's Angry Birds Happy Meal and Desserts can be availed in all stores nationwide via McDonald's front counter, Drive-Thru counter,, by calling 86-2-36, to ordering through the McDo PH App. :)

Share your moments of play with McDonald's Angry Birds Happy Meal via the official Facebook page: and by tagging @McDo_PH on Twitter and Instagram! Use the hashtag #McDoHappyMeal 

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