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by - June 19, 2016

Staycations are a thing nowadays, but I always do it with friends. It's quite rare that I get to do it with my family, which is why when Conrad Hotel invited us over to stay with them, I simply couldn't say no. :) Plus, I wanted to know what services they had to offer and what makes them different from other hotels that we've stayed at before. :) 

BTW, Conrad Hotel officially opened its doors last June 15, 2016, so if you're wondering if you should book your stay with them or not, here are the reasons why you should. :)

Conrad Manila is located right beside SM Mall of Asia, so it won't be hard to miss it. It also resembles a ship like structure, as my kids would fondly say. ^_^ I believe the bottom floors serves as a mall called the S Maison, while the the top floors are Conrad Hotel's rooms. :)

We checked in last June 4 and that was officially our first day and the initial thing I noticed when I got out of the elevator was this....

The spectacular view of the Manila Bay right before us. I think this is one of the best reasons to stay at Conrad Manila. It's simply breathtaking and it doesn't even stop there. 

The boys, lola and I checking in at the lobby of Conrad Manila...

The hotel staffs were very accommodating and friendly. :) I haven't even gotten to our room yet and they already made me feel very welcome! That's something I find important. You make your guests feel extra special. ^_^

On the way to our rooms!

Our bathroom has hydrotherapy rain shower!

We had two rooms that was adjacent to each other, so anytime my kids or lola wanted to go in our room and vise versa, it was easy to just go in and out. My lola and Athan had a Twin deluxe room - Php 8,000, while the Hubby, Asher and I had the King deluxe room - Php 8,000. :)

Again, our rooms had an amazing view of the bay area and it was spacious and very clean. The Hubby even had a nice working space at the sofa and WiFi. He spent most of the time chilling there with his laptop. :) 

After a two hour rest in our room, the boys decided that they wanted to take a dip in the pool, so we went down for some swimming.

The pool is located at the 3rd floor, same level as where the lobby we checked in and it's very serene. I could actually just sit down here and read a book. I don't even have to swim. It's relaxing. They even gave us mango shake shots before hitting the pool. Yum! :)

I couldn't swim during our stay, but the boys certainly enjoyed so much! Asher doesn't know how to swim yet, so his Daddy had to guide him, but glad they have a kiddie pool, so he can still wade and play with Athan from time to time. :)

My loves! So cute watching them! ^_^ This was also the perfect last hooray to summer for Athan since his school officially started again two days after this. :)

After their fun time in the pool, I showered the kiddos first and we stayed in our room a bit to rest. I guess that's the beauty of staycations, you don't have anything else to do.. no itineraries 

Athan took this photo of his Dad and I and surprised at how good he is at taking photos already! Wow! If there is such a thing as an Instagram husband, I have an Instagram baby! Hehe!

Around 6:00PM, we decided to head down for dinner and this greeted us...

 Need I say more? The view at Conrad Manila is just... wow! I have no other words for it. I have never experienced this kind of view and beauty in any other hotel here in Manila yet. :) By far, one of the best!

For dinner, we went to Brasserie on 3, their all-day dining restaurant. 

My usual fear when it comes to fine dining is the plates that my kids have to eat in, because I have a toddler who is filled with so much energy and curiosity and will surely try to at least bang utensils on his plate. So, good thing Conrad Manila offers super cute plastic plates and cups that surely entertained my kids. :)

We ordered the Pinakbet na may Bagnet, Sinigang and Burrata. All three were delicious, though I wish the Sinigang was a bit bigger since it's for sharing. Nevertheless, good food!

Back at our room, the boys chilling in our bed and watching TV. :) The bed is super cozy and snug! The boys didn't even want to get up anymore! Haha! The room service is on 24/7 too, so I asked for an extra pillow for Asher. :)

And since Asher fell asleep mid dinner, we decided to get room service cos he was feeling hungry and the Hubby and I felt the same! Midnight snacking! >_< These weren't the initial orders that we had, but some were unavailable due to the time. But the hotel staff on the line was kind enough to inform us of the changes and suggested us alternatives. :)

A few more hours of watching TV, we fell asleep and if it weren't for my alarm, I probably wouldn't have woken up yet cos I was sleeping hard as a rock. But I had to call Room service for breakfast cos this little one was totally knocked out! I didn't want to wake him up. :)

He looks so cute! So tiny and sleeping in such a huge bed!

A beautiful set up served for breakfast. :) We got served a variety of bread (Athan kept saying he loved the croissant), coco pops cereal, longganisa with scrambled egg and rice and tocino with scrambled egg and rice. These came with coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice. :)

Lola and Athan enjoying their breakfast in their own room :) 

And our little boss is still glued to the TV! Haha! :) He's not used to eating and watching TV at the same time at our home, so this is something different for him and he's liked it a lot! :) The Hubby also still loving his spot on the couch! ^_^ Talk about so much comfort that you don't want to leave your room! Haha! But that's the idea, right?? ;)

If you're the type who chooses to eat out, then you can try their BRU Coffee Bar. For us we did this before checking out, which was around 3:30PM. :)

They offer various pastries, like cakes, muffins, bread, brownies, cookies and sandwiches. :) I personally love their latte with chocolate syrup! Again, Athan ordered a croissant here! He's instantly became a fan after our breakfast and only has good praises for it! Kudos to the pastry chef! ;)

The hotel also offers other facilities and services: 24/7 Fitness Center, Luxury Spa, China Blue by Jereme Leung restaurant and C Lounge

And finally, that ends our stay at Conrad Manila. :) It was an amazing one and a half day stay. The hotel staffs were beyond courteous, friendly and helpful. It's no wonder why our staycation with them has been great. Truly they deserve the 5 star title for their world-class luxury service. :)

Carey the Carabao of Conrad Manila :) 

Thank you so much, Conrad Manila! We already miss you! Can't wait for our next staycation!

I highly recommend that you, guys try out Conrad Manila for that peaceful escape and inspired journey. :)

Visit Conrad Manila at 
Seaside Boulevard corner Coral Way, 
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

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  1. SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Omg! I'd love to try it here, too! <3 Happy Father's Day to Gersh, babe! Miss you and your fam!

    1. You should, babe!! :) Happy Father's Day to tito too!!

  2. Ooooohhh!! How I love staycations...


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