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by - June 04, 2016

When you hear 'Ice Cream' doesn't it simply ring happiness or something that would remind you of comfort. I don't think there is ever a person on this earth who hates ice cream. :) I remember how my Mom would fondly buy a pint every time there's an occasion or personally, how I also get my boys ice cream when we're outside having our family day.  It's just a happy food!

But what about Ice Cream as a drink? Ice Cream Ice Blended Drinks? ^_^ How does that sound?

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, people tend to look for sources of comfort  to hold on to. We seek solace in things, places, and food that take us back to happy memories and blissful moments we wish could last forever. Understanding this, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is giving us the comfort that we seek through their Ice Cream Ice Blended Drinks. :)

Inspired by life's sweetest moments, The CBTL is launching new menu offerings that promise to take you to your happy place. Rain or shine, their three Ice Cream Ice Blended flavors, Cookies & Cream - Php 175 R | Php 195 L, Mint Chip - Php 175 R | Php 195 L, and Pure Salted Pistachio - Php 165 R | Php 185 L, are sure to keep you smiling with every sip. 

We got to try all three flavors of the Ice Cream Ice Blended Drinks and I would say my top two favorites are Cookies & Cream and Mint Chip. :)

If you want to let your kids try the Ice Cream drinks or if you're not into caffeine, best to go with Cookies & Cream and Pure Salted Pistachio. Both are caffeine free! My son Athan loves Cookies & Cream ice cream, so I really can't wait for him to try it out! Might take him out sometime on a date!

And for chocolate, coffee and mint lovers, this is your perfect match! :) The Mint Chip!

You can find the Ice Cream Ice Blended drinks at all The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores. :)

All of us have Discovered Happiness and love the new CBTL Ice Cream Ice Blended Drinks! :)

Here's me jumping for joy with my drink! ^_^

Is your sweet tooth already aching for a sip? Then you're in for a tasty treat! Swirl Reward card holders get an exclusive sneak peek and first tasting of the new flavors of the Ice Cream Ice Blended at The CBTL Open House on June 5, Sunday from 11:00am to 1:00pm. Visit a store nearest you to find out more on how to avail of your own Swirl Rewards card and be part of The CBTL community!

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  1. Once my sisters find out about this, they're so going crazy! :P



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