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by - June 29, 2016

There is a saying that goes, "A mother's job is never done". And it is so true. We constantly worry about our kids and how we can prevent them for getting sick or hurt. We always want to provide them the best and see them happy. :)

But there are times that we can't avoid our children getting discomfort or frustrated and this is really heartbreaking for mommas like us to see, like when our baby's skin starts to show dryness and irritation. Their comfort is our topmost concern, and once their delicate skin starts to act up and the itching spell begins, we can only cry with them at their discomfort, distress and out of sheer helpless. 

With external aggressors present - pollution, dust, and irritants - we cannot help but worry. While we cannot solve these environmental problems, we can at least take control of our baby's comfort by helping break the cycle of dry skin or reoccurrence of dry and irritated skin.

Last week at the Oilatum event, fellow blogger mommies and I learned more about dry skin and how we can protect and maintain our kids' healthy skin, to break the dry skin cycle. 

The event held at Café Naya, BGC and the place was filled with all things happy and my son Asher certainly had so much fun playing in the little play area and extreme sugar rush with the candy buffet - exhibit A - cotton candy! >_< Haha! The host of the day was none other than the beautiful and new mommy Isabel Oli-Pratts. :)
Oilatum gave us moms a very informative afternoon and even invited a dermatologist to talk to us about dry skin and what we should do when this happens to our kids.

In healthy skin, the outermost layer, called the stratum corneum, acts as a barrier. It protects the skin and body from irritants and allergens, and maintains its moisture levels. The cells within this layer, called corneocytes, are hydrated and surrounded by a lipid (fatty) layer providing a healthy skin barrier.

Once the lipid layer is depleted or dehydrated, Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) increases and leads to skin dryness. The increasingly dry skin becomes vulnerable, allowing external substances to easily penetrate into its outer layer, causing itchiness and irritation. The natural balance is lost and the skin cell renewal process is disrupted.

Because a baby's skin is just developing, the layers are thinner, more delicate and more susceptible to external irritants. Now, we have more ways for us to soothe and protect. :)

With 50 years of proven scientific expertise and efficacy in dermatological skincare for babies, Oilatum introduces a new range of products made to address dry and irritated skin and help break the cycle of dry skin. The new Oilatum Soothe & Protect baby range is clinically proven to provide immediate relief and long-term prevention for babies and children with dry, irritated skin.

Formulated with nourishing oils and moisturizers, the new Oilatum Soothe & Protect baby range replenishes the skin's moisture barrier. This action is called the Oilatum SkinLife Cycle which strengthens the skin barrier, thereby keeping moisture in and irritants out, to make skin healthier.

Oilatum features four new products:

Oilatum Soothe & Protect Baby Moisturizing Lotion
Oilatum Soothe & Protect Baby Bath Foam
Oilatum Soothe & Protect Baby Shampoo
Oilatum Soothe & Protect Baby Head to Toe Wash

With fellow mom bloggers + kids :)

With Oilatum, baby's skin is soothed and protected everyday. :)

Visit the Oilatum Philippines website www.oilatum.com.ph and https://www.facebook.com/OilatumPH/ for more information and tops from experts on how you can take care of your baby's skin. :)

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