Upgrade your child’s wardrobe with UNIQLO Kids Collection!

by - June 22, 2016

When it comes to fashion, I'd like to think that my kids are as laid back and casual as I am. They love their basics and practically all of their clothes are comfortable yet still stylish. :) I remember when Athan reached his toddler years, my mom would go crazy buying him clothes and the brand she loved buying from was Uniqlo. :) 

Until now, with both Athan and Asher, she still remains to love getting cool graphic and character tees at Uniqlo. So, you can say my kids' closet is filled with Uniqlo t-shirts and I wouldn't blame my Mom for constantly buying clothes there, because I personally love how comfy they are and the material is breathable and doesn't irritate your skin. 

Last week, my son Asher and I were able to take a trip again to Uniqlo and we got to see the Kids Collection!

Uniqlo Kids line is designed to let children move freely anywhere they are and whatever they do. The collection is made with high-quality materials to deliver ultimate comfort, perfect for recreational games and active sports. Uniqlo also ensures safety by providing features that will keep them away from harm.

Uniqlo Kids Collection offers full range of everyday LifeWear essentials with fun designs that kids will definitely love. This includes easy pants, graphic shirts, innerwear hoodies and more.

Regardless of the weather, children love to run and play. Keep them dry this rainy season by getting Uniqlo Kids Jacket. Jacket for kids are conveniently portable as it is easy to pack. The hoods are cordless to avoid accidents and chocking hazards.

One of our favorite collection from Uniqlo is their Lego Collection. My boys are big fans of Lego, so this was the first one that got Asher's attention. :)

I personally wanted the comic strip Lego City fireman for Asher, but when I asked him which shirt he wanted, he had his eyes on the blue one with the helicopter or according to him, "Mommy, it's the chopper!!" So, we picked that out. :)

Best to be worn when kids play in the evening or at night time are Uniqlo shirts. Shirts now have more reflectors, enabling the parent to track their kids easier. Match it with bottoms that have easy open zippers, making it more convenient to wear.

Just some of the other cute tees that I spotted at Uniqlo. :) My eldest son Athan has a Star Wars tee in black like the one above, but his design had Darth Vader. :)

After our Uniqlo store trip, we headed to the SM Cinema Directors Club to watch Finding Dory care of Unqilo. It was the first day of showing and I was just so excited that Asher could see a movie that I grew up with! I was 14 years old when Finding Nemo showed on cinemas and now Finding Dory is in their generation! :)

Thank you so much for our tickets, Uniqlo and EON PR! :)

For more information on Uniqlo Kids Line, visit:


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  1. I love your son's picks and yung photo niya na nag-iisip which to choose is just so adorbs. I love Uniqlo's graphic tees and I look forward to their collaboration with artists and brands even yung for adults nila. :D



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