Project Pie Turns 3!

by - July 19, 2016

The first time that Project Pie opened here in the Philippines, I immediately got curious with their Build Your Own Pizza. Who wouldn't be, right? That concept isn't really done here in our country and pizza is a much loved dish, so to be able to add your own sauce and toppings brings it to a whole new level of bliss!

Now, Project Pie takes your pizza experience to the next level, by doing what it does best - keeping it real. As an advocate for everyday artisan pizza custom built by its guests, Project Pie is as real as it gets. As they turn 3, the brand continues its mission to tickle your creative senses by encouraging you to Build Your Own everything!

The brand is already popular for their Build Your Own Pizza and Salad, they are also introducing the new BYO options to add to its roster - Build Your Own Pasta and Build Your Own Loyalty Card. :) It's definitely a "Build Your Own" world domination at Project Pie! Your tastebuds will never be sad!

There are three steps to Build Your Own, the Project Pie Way...

♥ 1. - DESIGN. At Project Pie, there is no monopoly on flavor. The brand is adamant about giving the power to guests. They wave the prerogative to design their own pizzas, salads, and now pastas in any way they please. 

♥ 2. - BUILD. This is where Project Pie comes in, to build your meal for you using only the simplest and freshest ingredients. Project Pie will cater to you and guide you to a satisfaction you won't get anywhere else because you called all the shots. Your pizza, salad, or pasta is yours and yours alone.

♥ 3. - EAT. At Project Pie, the word eat is practically synonymous to the word enjoy. Every Project Pie location is a different experience - a unique, no nonsense situation that puts a premium on local flavors and culture

Every person in line has their own unique taste and I'm sure pretty excited on what kind of Pizza, Salad or Pasta to build! ^_^ Just a little fact, I've always done the Build Your Own Pizza... never tried ordering from the menu yet! But my friends highly recommend the stuff there too! ^_^

The Project Pie staff are also very friendly and bubbly! :) They always try to make you feel that your order is just the way you like it a.k.a. amazingly good!

Isn't it exciting to have a restaurant that truly gives customers the satisfaction for their money? Build Your Own gives its customers the power to add more cheese, add more bacon or even pile your pizza, salad or pasta with crazy toppings! This is what I love about Project Pie - it's all about what YOU want. :)

Just by posting these photos I'm already craving for their salad! *Drools* >_<

 They also offer unlimited drinks, so you'll never go thirsty! :)

Ava for BYO Pasta, Phya for BYO Salad and Char for BYO Pizza! Haha! :)

And like they say, always make room for dessert, because Project Pie has the best Banana Nutella and Peanut Butter Nutella pizza! 

On its third year of Build Your Own tradition, Project Pie does not disappoint by continuing to keep things real and interesting for its guests. If you thought their BYO pizzas and salads were game-changers, their latest menu offering, the new BYO pasta and their BYO Loyalty Card are sure to keep you coming back for meals that are always evolving, always surprising, but also always authentic. :)

Visit your nearest Project Pie now to fix those cravings! ;)

Artsy Ava

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