PokémonGo: Find 'em at Ayala Malls!

by - August 12, 2016

Ever since Pokémon Go launched, people have been raving and getting so hooked on it. But it took awhile before Philippines officially had it. This August, the wait is over and the app is free for everyone to download here! ^_^ Yey! 

Being a fan of Pokémon ever since my Game Boy days, I got excited for this and glad to have friends who also share the same love for it. We get to compare levels, Pokémons and certain techniques. :) Now, even malls are creating events for it!

This weekend, Ayala Malls is having a Lure Drop Party!

Today is the first day of the Lure Drop Party and I invited my best friends to come along with me cos we haven't seen each other in a while, so this would be a good bonding for us. Plus, I believe it's more fun catching Pokémons with your friends! We actually kept laughing the whole time! >_<

The Lure Drop Party today was held at Glorietta 5 and we went to the 11AM-2PM time slot. :)

I wasn't able to catch Pikachu, but my best friend Nickie was so lucky to have a photo! Cute! ^_^

When we got to the activity center, people were already flocking! It's obvious how office people are spending their lunch break! Haha! ;)

I started late with Pokémon Go cos I got so busy last week, so now I'm trying to catch up and hopefully will have a team by tomorrow! :) I'm thinking of Team Mystic or Valor? Hmmm!

Aside from the really cute Pokéball themed chairs, this Pokémon Hangout by Globe! 

If you have an android phone + prepaid user, I suggest that you already download the Globe Switch app before heading to their booth. Once you have the app, you can join their little game - Catch 10 Pokémon in 10 minutes to win 100 Pokécoins! What an awesome deal, right??

That's why my best friend Lester immediately downloaded the Globe Switch app, thanks to the super fast WiFi of Ayala Malls and he started his hunt for 10 Pokémons! Nickie and I weren't able to join cos we were using iPhone cos my android didn't have a sim yet! >_< He managed to catch them all and got 100! Wuhooooo! And if he gets lucky, he can win 5,200 coins in the raffle draw!

Of course, I had to do some catching myself and spotted Pidgeotto who was a struggle to catch! I wasted around 6 Pokéballs! Ang likot ah!

 Don't miss out on this fun party, guys! :) Time to get in shape, trainers! Walk, walk, walk and catch 'em all! ^_^ I'm actually heading to either BGC or Greenbelt tomorrow to go on another hunt with friends! ^_^ Hope to see familiar faces!

Do share your fun experience + catches by using the hashtag #PokemonGoAyalaMalls and FindEmAtAyalaMalls. :)

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