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by - August 22, 2016

When going to the grocery, my family always makes sure that we stock up on oats. There was never a time that we didn't have it home, because it's an important part of our diet. It is easy to prepare and healthy to eat. :)

I must admit that I'm not much of a breakfast person cos I'm not a morning person. Though, I really would like to be. It's just a tad difficult, but I will always hold the statement, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" true to heart. There are times that I really have to wake up early and given the chance, I prefer to have oats with fruits for my breakfast.

I'm the type of person who perks up easily when I see a good breakfast. Are you like that too? :)

And speaking of breakfast, this is one of the reasons why Quaker, a brand we have all come to love, still believes that Oats, one of nature's ultimate super grains, are what this generation's multi-hyphenate individuals need to power through their busy mornings and through the rest of the day. 

Last week, Quaker Philippines treated us to a wonderful brunch filled with yummy food, different flavored oats and flatly workshop. :)

Grabbing that bowl of oats every morning actually helps provide valuable nutrients that are needed daily by the human body, making it out to be one of the world's most popular kitchen staples. Rich in fiber, oats help keep your digestive system clean and happy while B vitamins and minerals make sure that you meet all your nutritional goals on a daily basis.

For those who like to eat healthy, exercise a lot and always on-the-go, oats are a good source of protein, which helps maintain and build body tissues, and carbohydrates, which provides fuel and energy for every day's activities. Plus, it has been proven that a breakfast rich in oats gives you a greater degree of fullness, helping lessen the likelihood of you consuming those unhealthy snacks.

The Philippines Dietary Guidelines recommends that whole grains should form 50% of the total grain intake. Quaker Oats offers various options that are easy to prepare and extremely convenient to help you meet your daily whole grain and fiber needs.

I also love the Quaker Oats cookies! You, guys should try that out! :)

It also won't hurt if your food flatlay looks awesome, right? ;) Thank you, Sherose for teaching us!

Yes, to a yummy and healthy breakfast! ^_^ Yes, to Quaker Oats!♥

To know more about Quaker Oats' whole range of products, you can visit :)

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