The great Digital Walker Sale!

by - October 02, 2016

Have you guys been seeing people post about the great Digital Walker sale?? It is not a drill nor is it just a hype! What you see is legit! Their sale is wild! I didn't know what to expect when I went on their first day last September 30. I went early in the morning and I even thought, 'Hey, it's only 11:30AM. I'm sure not much people will be there cos most of them are at work.' But lo and behold when I got there! The line was already long and it wasn't even open to the public yet. >_<

The Digital Walker is held at the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 3. It opens at exactly 10AM and I heard today, the lines were already until the basement at only 10:30AM! Crazy! >_< So, I went during the first day and gosh did I spot A LOT of good deals!

Do you see the price on these iPhone cases?? Originally they're Php 1,295, but I asked Seph and Trice who were busy flipping through the pile on how much it costs with the discount and it's only Php 100 each! I was so surprised! :) Most of the iPhone 6 cases run on Php 100. But if you have an iPhone 5s like me, then you're in for a treat cos it's only Php 50! :)

I got my Lola an iPod Touch cover and myself + BFF Nix iPhone cases! ^_^

I recently bought a new camera cos my old Canon G12 of more than 5 years decided to die on me. So, I got a new Canon EOS M3 and I'm stuck with the typical black strap. If you know me well, I'm not into that color. So, seeing this Crumpler Camera Strap for only Php 100! It's originally priced at Php 650 and actually the HITCH Camera strap fell only at Php 65 when I was paying at the counter! Insane, guys!! >_<

And my favorite earphones/headphones brand - Urbanears!

From Php 1K+ / 2,250, they're only priced at Php 400 or Php 675! They're at 70% OFF!

Looking for a power bank or someone you love always running out of battery, now they don't have an  excuse! Haha! :)

Power banks at 50% OFF and some are even on a Buy 1 Take 1 deal! ^_^ 

And this was just a dream away! Marshall headphones at 30% OFF! :) 

And the sweetest deal of them all! Crumpler bags at 90% OFF! I got a camera bag that had the original tag of Php 2,950 and got it for only Php 295! Also got the Hubby a work bag that was priced at Php 4,445 and now it's just Php 445! >_< WOW! There was also a stroller being sold at Php 13,400 and it's only Php 1,300! Ahhh!

iPad cases are only Php 200 from Php 1,500! You'll also find laptop protectors at Php 200!

If you're really hardcore on the Christmas shopping, you can also start scavenging for unique pieces in boxes. Digital Walker knows how to stock up good, so you need not worry! ;)

There are also plenty of sale staff ready to answer every question you might have and ready to assist you. :)

I was at the Megatrade Hall 3 from 11:40 till 3PM, so you can imagine how many times I went around trying to look for the best items at huge discounts. So, while doing that, I spotted my top 4 favorites!

1. Momax Panda Speaker 
2. Momax Milk Powerbank 
3. Urbanears Humlan Headphones 
4. Crumpler Camera Bag. :) 

Now, I didn't necessarily get everything on my favorite list for the reason that I found something better. But I still fancied these! ^_^

For great deals, a long line cannot be helped and it is something you will definitely experience. But I tell you, it's worth it!

While waiting in line, spotted a mom and son who hoarded Crumpler bags cos why not?? They're the perfect gift! And I'm pretty sure most people who left the Digital Walker sale got a bag or two or more! ;) Just look at our own shopping bags. =P

Though the line may be super duper long, they also have plenty of cashiers to serve you and even a senior citizen and PWD lane. :)

Oh and just a few reminders for every shopper! :) Do take note!

BTW, there's a minimum of 20 items per person. If you're planning to buy more than 20, I suggest you bring your whole family with you, so you all can line up together! Hihihi! ^_^ No problem, right? The more the merrier! Yey!

There is a Testing Area available in case you want to test your items before leaving the sale. :)

And there goes my experience! Php 20,000 worth of items, but only paid for Php 2,175! Wow, right?? How sweet! Christmas comes early with Digital Walker! Don't forget, it's their last day today, so don't miss the opportunity of snagging all the cool gadgets and accessories for super super low prices! Go na!!! ^_^

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  1. Aaaahhh... Why did I have to sprain my ankle ngayon. I've been avoiding posts about this sale cos I really wanted to go but I cannot walk much (doctor's order) because of my swollen ankle. :( At least I'm glad to know you had fun... And that my other friends who went had fun too and was able to take advantage of the sale. I'd love to get new cases for my iPhone :(


  2. I should have really hoarded those Crumpler bags!!! Haha. Sana may round 2!!! :D

  3. Yay, got the same camera bag. Bought 5 Crumpler bags, lol! Nice seeing you last Monday! :)


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