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by - November 11, 2016

Shopping for the holiday season is one of my favorite things to and something I truly look forward to. :) There is that certain kind of happy rush when you shop gifts for the people you love. :) Being able to think of that perfect present and surprising people is the best feeling in the world!

Aside from hitting the malls, I also love online shopping. Not only is it easy and convenient, but there are so many choices as well. :) Just like my experience with Lazada. I've already tried shopping with them in the past and had a good experience. This week, I dropped by their site again and saw their Lazada ONLINE REVOLUTION, the biggest online sale that will be happening from November 11 to December 12! :)

There are so many good finds at Lazada and the great thing about it is that they offer items at sale almost all the time and there are so many cute fashion finds! Using Lazada is easy, just simply browse the category you want, in my case, it was fashion. Once decided, you can search for products, brands and shops. :) 

For this Lazada shopping experience, I was given Php 2,500 voucher by Clozette and Lazada.

I haven't bought a new swimsuit in ages, so decided to get one and found this cute one piece that reminds me of a mermaid tail. :) Super cute! From Php 1,350, it was being sold for Php 672. The next item is a phone case cos I'm obsessed with casings! >_< Haha! My kids are both boys, so I thought a baby blue bottle would be so adorable. From Php 774, this is only Php 387 now. Lastly, is a pair of beautiful Chinese embroider sandals that was Php 2,613, but now Php 1,287. :)

Even when i've picked out items, those can just wait in my virtual shopping cart and I can continue shopping for other stuff. Once I've decided, I can easily checkout my orders and just wait for its arrival on my doorstep. :) 

My items have arrived! ^_^ Super cute!

The Lazada Online Revolution has officially begun and the sale goes from 50% to 95% OFF! Insane! The top brands like Casio, L'Oreal, Asus, Olay and more are joining in!

Shopping for Christmas has never been more easier, more fun, and more convenient with Lazada. :) You can buy for your whole family and save a lot too! Visit to see the items on sale!

Thanks to Clozette ( and Lazada for changing the way I shop for my beauty and fashion must-haves, just in time for the holidays!

Read more about fashion and beauty at :)

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